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  1. spi6616

    AZ racers/Contractors need help in Northern/central/southern AZ

    I just got some insight on some new Insurance work here in AZ large and small loss contruction!! I know (us) off roaders/ racers rely on money made in contruction to fund our racing fun!! Dan Spencer 602-619-3243
  2. spi6616

    Does anyone want to claim this Pitbox? #13

    Just wondering if any one was going to tell the #13 race team I have their race pitbox!!! I will hold on to it as long as they want me to but, at least contact me to tell me you want it back! PM me or or 602-619-3243 Dan I'm in Phx
  3. spi6616

    FOUND!!!! Pit box for #13 at RM100 pit!

    To the race team of #13 I have a pit box that fell off your truck heading into RM 100 pit road! PM me or and describe its contents. I am in Phoenix.
  4. spi6616

    Hit and run between Val de trin and SF

    My trailer was hit by a large Box van or a small motor home that crossed the centerline at around 10 mi. E. of Borrego Jct. My trailer sustained fender and tire damage but got us home. I am just amazed me that these people didn't even attempt to stop or even hit their brake lights. I was...
  5. spi6616

    Hydrogen/oxy Generating fuel suppliment

    As gas and diesel prices hit an all time high since like, FOREVER....... what does anyone think of the Hydo/oxy generators being promoted each day on all kinds of Forums, ebay, craigslist, etc. Although there are going to be many,many scams on these items. I feel we should all be joining...
  6. spi6616

    Hi I'm Dan

    Hello, I am Dan Spencer. I have raced and been involved in off-road racing since 1978. I have seen many, many changes in that time and happy that off-road racing is getting it's worldwide noteriety it's always deserved. Having come from the off-road car manufacturing side of this sport I have...