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  1. GMS739

    baja 500 course map

    looks intresting on this race course
  2. GMS739

    price of race fuel

    Have a question what is race fuel in Baja trying to get a budget for the 500 n 1000. 100 110 octane. thanks
  3. GMS739

    room in parker

    if any one needs a room there some @ the DAYS INN LAKE HAVASU CITY #928 855 7841 70 bucks a night just mention best in the desert.
  4. GMS739

    laughlin 2010

    any 7sx race teams running this year at laughlin so far there no 7sx yet. we are planning but hopeful we are not racing by our selfs.
  5. GMS739

    Access to rm109 bfg pits

    Does anyone know if there is a access to race mile 109 besides morelia junction want to do a driver change there but don't want my guys to drive on the race course. Thanks in advance ed gonzalez
  6. GMS739

    late reg 4 parker

    does anyone know if there will be a late reg. cause we are have some trans issues and we really want to race this race.
  7. GMS739

    any video on the MORE race

    Anybody have video on last months MORE race. At least the start for 7s
  8. GMS739

    any one have video of the more 400

    i have question does any one have video of the more 400 start. when they were starting 4 at atime . thanks in advance ed gonzalez
  9. GMS739

    help needed pro truck guys

    Whats up guys im thinking of steping up in class. And wanted to figure out how much it is to run a pro truck a complete season. 1. Prep cost per race 2. fuel cost etc. I race class 7sx as of now. Thanks In Advance Ed Gonzalez
  10. GMS739

    What Tire Is Better Baja T/a Or Project

    I Currently Run 35/12/15 Baja T/A S On 7sx Ranger. I Am Considering Running Projects. But Is There A Benefit On Runing Projects Over The Baja T/a. Like In Sand Washes Or Silt Beds?
  11. GMS739

    results from rlhcomm/bfg
  12. GMS739

    where to get a 4.5 v-6

    does any one know were to find any info on the 4.5 v6 engine that they are running in the 7open trucks.any contact info would help. thanks in advance. EDUARDO GONZALEZ
  13. GMS739

    chrome plating shop

    Im looking for a shop that chrome plates .Im want to plate my banshee pipes. thanks in advance .Ed Gonzalez