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    On board Robby Bell
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    Need some inspiration: ATV light bars

    Looking for some ideas on how to mount a LED light bar on my quad. Can't decide if I want a solid mount to the frame or go with a handle bar mount set up. Pros/cons of each? Thanks Matt
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    Baja Bonanza 2012
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    Wish this track was at my house...

    Cool vid of Chad Wienen
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    Any Norcal UTVer's?

    A new local ATV cross country series that started this year is looking to add a UTV class. After quite a bit of pressure from some UTV guys it looks like they will give it a try next weekend at Rd 6. (short notice I know) Its a nice little local series that is very family friendly and is well...
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    Quad75 Dezert Vid It worked for me, but I think others might have had some problems viewing it.
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    National Hare and Hound Videos

    Some pretty good videos of the racing this year. The snow looks terrible!
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    Dirtbikes at 1000fps

    Its not desert but thought it was a pretty cool short video.
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    WORCS Pics Glen Helen

    A few shots of the race, not great quality or good timing though. I tried to get some of Chris Blais, but hes too fast so they didn't turn out well.
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    Parts for your KTM or any other quad!

    Parts list includes: Teixeira Tech A-arms Stock Ohlins shocks modded by Rocket Ron Lonestar axle FCI Intake Carb mods done by FastRanchero from KTMatvhq Motoworks exhaust Precision Stabilizerand Shock and vibe mounts Fourwerx seat cover E-Sticky Graphics And a few misc parts here...
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    Need Some Help: RZR Parts

    A buddy of mine is in San Felipe and had his drive belt for his Polaris RZR break. Anyone know of a place south of the border where he could get one? Thanks for any info
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    Checking Interest: New Nor Cal XC series(ATV)

    I know this isn't desert but thought I'd post it up Anyways if you live in Nor Cal you probably know that your options for racing an ATV are pretty slim, basically one or two small MX series that I know of and thats it. I am not aware of any cross country series in the area. This causes...
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    ATV Baja ride

    Once a year we do a trip to baja to do a little riding. Normally we spend a few days a a friends beach house in San Felipe then go somewhere out in the middle of the desert and set up a base camp and do day rides from there. The plan for this trip was different. We were just going to leave the...
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    Old race write-up from a newbie

    Been a long time lurker on here and decided its about time i post something, even though its an old race. Maybe it will motivate some other riders that want to get started in racing. So after almost 14 years of riding quads, I decided to finally enter my first race on Dec 13. The race was...