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    Which Brake Calipers?

    In past builds I've used the common GM truck single piston front caliper. They are a nice compact size, have plenty of power and they can be had at the local auto parts house pretty cheap; it's now time to step up to a dual piston caliper. Is there a dual piston compatriot to that single...
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    Who runs unit Bearings?

    The Ford F350 unit bearing hubs get a bad rep because they have a hard time going 100,000 miles before they need to be replaced. How about in a desert race scenario? Are people using them? Happy with them or are they prone to failure? The XRRA guys (Rock Racers) are going a full season on...
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    Uniball sizing Q?

    With the many different sized Uniballs on the market, is there a Uniball strength to size chart? For instance, if you wanted an A-arm suspension to live with 37" tires, what size Uniballs should you run? How about for 39" tires? Lets use 5,000lbs. as the vehicle weight as vehicle weight...
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    Wheel base vs. Track Width

    This has been covered before but within constraints of certain classes. Like "What is the best wheelbase for X class or "How much track width can/should I run for class Z". Is there a formula, guide or rule of thumb when it comes to track width vs wheelbase? The longer the A-arms in...
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    Horizontal Uniball vs Vertical Uniball

    I know that this has been covered in a few threads already, but after reading all the threads that came up with the search Uniball, Uniball orientation, Uniball horizontal (and Vertical), I still have a few questions and would hoping some of you could enlighten me. From what I read, the main...
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    FNG checking in...

    New to the board and wanted to say hey to everyone, the forum looks real good so far. Love the skunk works section, gives you lots of great ideas to build around.