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    I wonder how all the desert tortes everyone use to be so concerned with are doing living in a bombing range. Every time I see this map it pisses me off.
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    Radio channel licenses

    BITD Has a spot on the sheet
  3. NRT_Chris

    GoPro into intercom

    PCI makes a cable.. i got one but havent got it to work with my older GoPro Hero 3+
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    Vegas to Reno @@ PHOTOS @@

    Looking for pics of the 1719 Red Jeepspeed if you got one.. Thanks
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    Fun with Classifieds!

    AWESOME JEEP CHEROKEE I love me a Cherokee more than most but WTF!?!?! hahah
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    Driver side GPS in Race truck?

    I also run two in my Jeepspeed.. I like it. I use is as a speedo in speed zones mostly.. I have heard a romor that there will be a OBDII interface for the Lowrance comming soon. It would be cool to use the digital gauges the GPS has on the drivers side if i wanted to switch.
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    Post your old race photos!

    2005 MDR Night race Rock Pile Jump
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    NORRA Mexican 1000

    We used Baja Voyager and could not be happier with the service.. I am for sure a Baja Rookie so having BV take care of the rooms and give me a printed itinerary was a big help to my small team! I chased for a team that used BV the last two years and it went smooth then too..
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    Jeepspeed In NORRA silt vid

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    Can a regular Joe race the Mexican 1000?

    Yes you can!! Im doing it all on my own dime.. I have been fortunate to have a couple companies help me out with discounts but i have No Sponsors contributing cash... Other than my super understanding wife! haha;)
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    where are the race cars now

    Myself and Skyler Gambrell raced this old Leduc Built Cherokk at Paker last week
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    Please keep an eye out! Stolen from our yard 2/6/2017 @ 5:30am by an F350 Ford truck! Thank you for any leads!
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    After the 2016 NORRA Mexican 1000 thoughts thread

    I have been desert racing for over a decade now and I have to say chasing for Charlie Currie at the NORRA1000 was the most fun I have ever had at a race I wasn't driving/navigating at. The people at NORRA have something very special going with this race. Congratulations to Charlie Currie on his...
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    Greene Motorsports Testing Accident

    Trevor pm sent!
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    Hey man sorry about your truck.. Give me a call. I can help you with the getting the rearend...

    Hey man sorry about your truck.. Give me a call. I can help you with the getting the rearend fixed! Ill be out at the Mint for the rest of the week, but give me a call next week 714.528.6957 ext 104
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    Giti gowland is a bad ass

    Giti helped my family a ton when we first started racing. We were so lost haha. He basically held our hand our first couple seasons from walking us threw tech to teaching us how to keep going until there are no parts left to fix the car. Thank you Sir!!
  18. NRT_Chris

    >>> PURE SIDE-X-SIDE Off-Road Desert Series <<<

    I probably could if it wasnt one of 3 projects i have going right now haha Aug 2 is my brother and I's birthday so thats what im shooting for. If it gets done sooner ill be there for sure!
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    >>> PURE SIDE-X-SIDE Off-Road Desert Series <<<

    Sounds like all kinds of fun.. Ill be buying a Stock Rhino next month. Ill be in for the jun or aug race in the stock class