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  1. DougRobinson

    Anyone want to film in Ocotillo on New Years?

    Anyone with a professional quality camera want to go shoot some video or take some good shots? Heres what I got Going out Thursday 31st till Sunday Jan 3rd And of course you will get some seat time ;) I would really like to get some in car footage as well. send me a PM or email...
  2. DougRobinson

    My Niece Racing in Class 1

    At least she likes to pretend she is ;) This was at the holiday toy drive at Icon Vehicle Dynamics last saturday.
  3. DougRobinson

    Desert Tours business startup info

    So ive had this idea running through my head for a few years now and im seriously considering getting it going. Anybody that has any info on what is needed to legally start up a desert tours business please help out. Such as land use laws and what areas are ok to use for such a business. If...
  4. DougRobinson

    How about some artwork

    me and my friend were bored and had a sheet of rusted metal on my side yard. What do you think?
  5. DougRobinson

    S4/LS6 - clutch/flywheel/pressure plate

    What are all my options on where to get them and what to use? Give me some websites and phone numbers. Also does anybody have any info on lightweight flywheels for this application?
  6. DougRobinson

    Racing in 1300

    I have never raced an off-road race before and 1300 seems to be the class I fit into. Just want to hear from everyone that races in or has raced this class. Pics(1300 cars) and any info/advice related to desert racing would be nice. Let me know which races you race in or recommend racing in and...
  7. DougRobinson

    My PreRunner Buggy

    Check it ouuuuuuut. This was from Ocotillo Wells last weekend on the second trip out.
  8. DougRobinson

    Hello, my name is DOUG

    I love anything that goes fast. I owe my life to this