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  1. standfast

    Help with tie-rod end attachment

    I am building longer upper and lower a-arms and I also have to build longer tie-rods to match. I am trying to determine the best option for attaching the heim joint at the knuckle with this setup. I can: 1. make/find a tapered adapter pin to adapt the heim and leave it single shear 2...
  2. standfast

    What threads are on Fox 7/8" lower shock end?

    I need to machine an adapter to attach a factory clevis style clamp on end to the bottom of the shock shaft. Does anyone know what threads are on the bottom of the 7/8" shaft. Curious about the 5/8" shaft as well. I am waiting for the shocks to come in and I want to get a jump on this and...
  3. standfast

    2015 F1 Underway

    Well the season has started and Merc looks supremely dominant as expected. The Ferrari seems to have rebounded after a massive team overhaul with Vettel collecting a 3rd in Melbourne. Kimi would have likely secured the 4th if it wasn't for some pit misfortune. The Williams looks strong but...
  4. standfast

    Dakar: Should there be a 2 car per team limit?

    To me it takes a lot of excitement out of it when you can show up with 11 cars. Its like taking a bomb to a gun fight. Surely one of them will make it through with few problems. It's too predictable.
  5. standfast

    Tremec TKO 600 or other manual transmission in a Trophy Lite?

    Would it be strong enough for abuse? Other manual transmission alternatives?
  6. standfast

    F1 Bahrain Cancelled!

    This sucks. I was looking forward to the season kicking off. Well maybe they will get it scheduled back in sometime later in the season.
  7. standfast

    Ecotec coolant flow

    I got my 2.4 ecotec up and running. I am getting no coolant flow up through the radiator and the fans are coming on when the rad is cool (no flow). I currently have the heater hose lines looped which worked fine on a 2.2 ecotec engine I used years ago but it had this wierd plastic bypass valve...
  8. standfast

    Handbrake to setup turn with locked axle?

    Anyone doing this with the locked axle in their trucks to get through the real tight hair pin stuff by locking the rears into a slide to carry RPM and momentum?
  9. standfast

    Purpose of battery and multiple batteries?

    I was under the impression that the battery should be relied on for startup and the alternator should support all the running electronics. So why are some vehicles running multiple batteries? Shouldn't all you need is what is required to fire the engine and your alternator should handle the...
  10. standfast

    UMP/Canister filter mounting orientation

    I am fixing to mount a UMP filter and after looking at how these things are designed it looks like they were meant to be mounted vertically with the filter outlet on top. However, I see most of them on buggies mounted horizontally. I just wanted to hear some opinions on this before I put it on.
  11. standfast

    2010 Whiplash Schedule - AZ truck/buggy desert racing is back!

    I was excited to see Whiplash add some more truck and buggy races in the desert! They addes a couple in Holbrook, Page, and Snowflake of course. It's good to see some more AZ races! I am gonna try to hit all of them.
  12. standfast

    Mid engine buggy, rear mount fuel cell?

    I don't see a lot of mid engine buggies but I am wondering if it is a good or bad idea to mount the fuel cell in the back far as possible from the occupants or behind the seats right next to you. Just wanting to hear some opinions on this. This is obviously only a option on a mid engine...
  13. standfast

    Desperate for a LS1 3d model

    I would like a dummy/shell 3d model of a LS1. Don't need all the internal parts there or anything. I read here that you can get a 2gig full engine model (too complex and not needed) if you are a Sema member but I am just a guy building a single truggy at home. Can anyone help a guy out? I...
  14. standfast

    Circuit breaker at battery?

    Does anyone run a hi-amp resettable circuit breaker at the battery in case the main power cable across the whole car to the start relay and accessory power wires short? I was thinking about this the other day and realized I have no circuit protection on the biggest power wire I have. Will the...
  15. standfast

    Anyone have a Mastercraft 3g 3d file?

    Looking for a 3d file of a 3g seat. Anyone have one? :) It's just for fitment purposes so it doesn't need to be complex. Just external surfaces and maybe some mounts.
  16. standfast

    mid-engine buggy rear kick

    So why is it that folks say a mid engine buggy tends to kick. I don't have any problems in whoops/rough stuff but a jump that rolls over (no lip to take off of) the rear tends to come up a bit. I don't want the car to just be setup for jumping but I would like to not worry about it nosing...
  17. standfast

    WOR Snowflake?

    Whats the turnout gonna be like this year? Who's goin? I love going to this race. Different feel to it than most races.
  18. standfast

    Fox 3.0 Shim ID?

    Does anyone know the hole ID of a fox 3.0 shim? Can't find this info right now. I know the 2.0 and 2.5 fox shim ID is 1/2" well actually .502 or so but I need to know what a 3.0 shim is. Thanks if you can help.
  19. standfast

    Learning to tune my suspension. Guidance welcome.

    I went out with a buddy and got some vid today. We did a race with this setup and I new it needed work. After each clip I slowed it half speed to see what is going on. It looks like the rear is close but not perfect. The front looks like it slaps the front face of the whoop and just floats...
  20. standfast

    Limit Strap vs Internal Shock Spacer

    I am working on a car right now that the builder is putting internal shock spacers to limit the shock travel for the CV's instead of putting a limit strap on. To me this is going to pound the c-clips badly on the shocks and doesn't seem right. I am telling the owner that we need to put straps...