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  1. Mojave Traveler

    1989 Mint 400

    I combined both my home video and the ESPN broadcast together into one video for some real vintage excite-MINT.
  2. Mojave Traveler

    1998 MDR California 200

    Hope everyone is enjoying this week's vintage home videos. I've got two home videos left to post after today. It's been fun watching the old stuff i gotta say.. I've learned a lot about editing videos too this past summer, and into the's not easy. Every video has to be...
  3. Mojave Traveler

    Topless Beauty

    Bert Junker and Dick Lee's 1969 convertible VW Baja racer, as featured in this mid 70's Off Road Magazine article. Interior aluminum was fabricated by Unique Metal Products. Seat came from Taylor-Made. The car was also equipped with a Jomar steering brake for use at short course...
  4. Mojave Traveler


    Before there was Dezert People..... Before there was Dust 2 Glory.... There was.... THE MOVIE
  5. Mojave Traveler

    The Best Bad Guys take on Baja

    The Terrible Herbst Racing team takes on the 2004 Baja 1000.
  6. Mojave Traveler

    Beat the Baja

    A great documentary from 1987 surrounding the Baja 1000. I found this in my local video store in 1987 and watched it over and over again. If you've never seen it you're in for a real treat! Some of the footage in this film is also from the 1986 Budweiser 250 in Barstow. I believe SCORE/HDRA held...
  7. Mojave Traveler

    Robby Gordon

  8. Mojave Traveler

    1992 Parker 400

    Something wicked this way comes. No tricks. I've dug up a real treat for you ghouls and gals this Halloween. Scary fast class 8's and Porsche powered buggies. Scroll down and watch........If you dare.
  9. Mojave Traveler

    1988 Baja 1000

    No matter how many times you do it afterwards, your first time is always the most memorable. Getting lost in the dark, not knowing what the heck you're doing, but enjoying it anyways. If you're lucky you're doing it with good company, too. I'm speaking, of course, about Baja. Participating in...
  10. Mojave Traveler

    Toyota's First Factory Race Truck?

    Expecting a picture of Ivan's first Toyota factory ride? You'll have to think a lot earlier than that! It's 1974, and Toyota wants to show off road racing enthusiasts why building a Toyota truck to race is a good decision. Toyota technicians went to work on "The Idea Truck". Here's the...
  11. Mojave Traveler

    The Great Imposter!

    In the summer of 1987, Off Road magazine built a street legal replica of Ivan Stewart's exotic racer, utilizing the magazine's project test truck..The 2wd Extra Cab Turbo Toyota underwent a transformation that turned it into a head turning pre runner.. I remember seeing it myself at the '88 Mint...
  12. Mojave Traveler

    1986 Frontier 500

    A great race from a great time in desert racing history. Unfortunately, this video appears to be another Nissan sponsored production, so no shots of the Ironman's 'yota. Still some great video though. I saw a little bit of Off Road magazine's Project Stone Stock Isuzu.. If i'm not mistaken,i...
  13. Mojave Traveler

    1991 Nissan 400 II

  14. Mojave Traveler

    1992 American Racing Wheels 250

    What a great day for racing. The conditions were perfect with the sun shining on a rain soaked course and that uniquely awesome fresh scent of the wet creosote bush lingering in the air.
  15. Mojave Traveler

    Rockin' and 4 Wheelin'

    No doubt most of you have seen this little gem of a video, but for those that have not, it's required viewing if you're a true desert race
  16. Mojave Traveler

    1984 Frontier 250 - Dawn to Dust

    The video sound is low in the beginning, but gradually increases. Best i could do with it.
  17. Mojave Traveler

    1987 Riverside Off Road Championships

    30 years ago today a 3 day weekend of fun and racing at the 15th annual Score Riverside Off Road Championships began. The weather was hot and the racing was awesome.
  18. Mojave Traveler

    1995 La Rana Presidential 250

  19. Mojave Traveler

    1990 Nissan 400 II

  20. Mojave Traveler

    1998 Vegas 2 Reno