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    PCI Kenwood TK-790H Fixed Head to Remote Head Conversion - Ferrite/Choke Ring

    Wanted to post this here to potentially have a benefit for others. I have a PCI Kenwood TK-790H that I would like to convert from fixed head to remote head. After popping the face off I noticed that there is what appears to be a choke or ferrite ring installed between the speaker and the...
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    The Business side of Fearless!!

    Going through my Monday reading materials, this weeks Automotive News, and low and behold who is being honored... None other then Alan Plfleuger and his dad James for their 35 years of service with one of the "other" brands out there. Nice job!!
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    Source for Sealed Quick Connect Air Couplers

    Anybody help on where to find quick coupler air fittings like these on the Goodman Bronco and many of the Trophy Trucks? Want an air coupler that is sealed from the elements to use on a pre-runner application. Thanks.
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    New Penhall 4-seater

    Jerry and the crew are putting together a new 4-seater that is coming together nicely. They had it at Laughlin for those lucky enough to get there. John - any chance you guys will do a Skunkz on it??? I have a few shots but not enough to do it justice. Trick front and rear arms...
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    Car Audio/Video in LA

    Anyone have any recommendations to install DVD units in an SUV in the LA area. Like something in either the South Bay or West LA or about a 30 mile radius from LAX. Any desert guys out there work in the industry? Like to keep it in the "family". Thanks - Ben
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    Vote on

    Show Discovery channel that we want more off-road on TV by voting to have them re-run "When the Dust Settles". Vote Here!!! They are polling to see what show to re-run. They see the big interest in off-road programming and hopefully will work to produce more. Right now When the Dust Settles...
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    PRO-10 Pay Out

    PRO-10 PAY OUT FOR SCORE PRIMM 300 PRO-10 has been paying out big winnings all year long and these had to be the best odds in Vegas 1 in 14 chance. Primm 300 Pay out: 1st - $4300 - Charles Lathrem 2nd - $2650 - Mark Hutchins 3rd - $1750 - Dave Sundquist Congratulations to all the PRO-10...
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    PRO10 Race Vote Complete

    PRO10 had their vote on Saturday after the SNORE race. The results are: 1. Whiplash Parker 400 2. SCORE San Felipe 250 3. SCORE Baja 500 4. SCORE Primm 300 5. B.I.T.D. Las Vegas 200 As you all can see it is heavily SCORE biased - not doubt a direct reflection on the heavy participation from...
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    F.Y.I. Yes it is going to happen!!! I am going to go out on a limb here and get this going. It won't happen with just a few entrants so we need support beyond SCORE racers and the few that have been in the side bets. You have all asked for it so now is the time to put up!!! 2002 PRO-10...