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    V2R Time Trials Live Feed?

    Is the live feed going to be on for the time trials? It was supposed to start a few minutes ago, but all I get are videos and commercials.
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    Rear sway bar mounting location?

    Some friends and I are having a debate about the mount location of a rear sway bar, and it's effectiveness. Using the scientific "logic" approach, we're having a hard time coming up with an answer we can all agree on. On solid axle, coil-sprung desert truck, should the torsion bar be mounted...
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    DJ Racing Mint 400 Race Report

    Dust Junkie Racing left Southern California with one goal in mind. Tackle the Mint 400. Weeks before the race there was a debate about how many laps the Jeepspeed challenge cars would complete. The race promoter, SNORE, put an end to the debate when they announced all classes would do all...
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    Aluminum radiator repair

    I have a Howe performance alum radiator in the prerunner, that has cracked where the core is mated to the tank/header. Any shops around so cal that can fix it (correctly) without using hot melt epoxy or similar topical sealers? The radiator is all tig welded with no epoxies. Thanks, Dan
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    Rain for the Mil??

    Edit: link sent to the wrong place....I'll try to redeem my self.
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    looking for pics...

    Back at the pre run for the Parker 425, I saw a jeep Grand Cherokee with a-arms in front. I was wondering if anyone had any pics. Thanks, Dan
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    Classifieds down??

    I keep getting "page not found."
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    Hello my name is......

    loose nut dan, and I'm a dirt-a-holic.