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    Where to start???

    Might want to change your gearing for the taller tires, but if you are planning on racing GP's I'd stick with 20" rears
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    That first one is a nice machine! I'd love to buy it. There are still a few up here that race a local XC series. They are a great quad and are still competitive imo.
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    whos your pick for quads and Bikes in this Baja 1000...

    Never to both. So its just as easy for a truck to make a new line as it is for a bike to make single track? Kinda just common sense, they have more options. Don't they compete for an overall as well? So its not just other motorcycles they are competing against? I understand that most of the...
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    whos your pick for quads and Bikes in this Baja 1000...

    I don't understand that mentality. Whats the point of having a marked course if you're not going to stay on it? Simple fact is that it is much easier to deviate from the main course and find the smoothest/fastest line on a dirtbike than any other vehicle. The rules on course deviation benefit...
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    Score changes for quads and bikes, opinions and discussions in 3,2,1....

    Doesn't seem like Score put much thought into this issue, either that or they just don't have much in the way of common sense or logic. I know the majority of car and truck guys on this site say that this issue is all about "safety", but based on most posts I think many just don't want the bike...
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    Desert racer takes on a GNCC race.

    That's pretty cool. A few friends and I have been talking about racing a GNCC, so far its been all talk...
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    Funny how threads about water/mud and being a cry baby can get 40+ pages and ones like this, with real issues can barely get 3. Absolutely pathetic. And people wonder why we keep losing OHV areas...
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    2013 MX Smack-Talkin' BRO thread...\m/

    Maybe Musquin should teach him how to handle his off track excursions??
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    Desert Assassins Rip to Cabo 2013

    Thanks for posting! I love reading about these trips and checking out the pics and videos
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    2013 SX Thread

    I appreciate his entertainment
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    On board Robby Bell
  12. ADTR14

    On board Robby Bell
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    Need some inspiration: ATV light bars

    Care to elaborate? I think the combo of a handle bar and solid mounted light will work well for the variety of terrain I ride. This light set-up isnt meant for racing purposes, at least at this time...
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    Need some inspiration: ATV light bars

    Here it is mocked up. Need to paint the brackets and modify the harness/switch kit and I should be good to go
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    Bryce Stavron Pro Rider Profile VIDEO

    Nice video! thanks for sharing
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    Need some inspiration: ATV light bars

    My plan was to upgrade the stock headlight with a HID from eagle eye, then do a 6 or 8in LED from Totron. I know of several others running this set up on stock KTMs without issue. For the racing I do I dont need lights, this is mainly for recreation but possibly a night race or two.
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    Need some inspiration: ATV light bars

    Looking for some ideas on how to mount a LED light bar on my quad. Can't decide if I want a solid mount to the frame or go with a handle bar mount set up. Pros/cons of each? Thanks Matt
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    Vegas to Reno thread

    Pretty absurd right!? Have you read the other comments on this "issue"? Seems like theres an overall lack of common sense on both sides... It'd be nice if someone actually came up with some logical solutions where both sides would benefeit, instead of complaining after every race. But most...
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    Vegas to Reno thread

    Maybe the tt/cl1's should start behind ALL the classes. That way they can run over someone with a cage...