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  1. oraugas

    Hotel in Ensenada

    Does anyone have an extra hotel room in Ensenada for Thurs, Fri, and Sat? Dave Terrell 602-989-5404
  2. oraugas

    D-n-D Motorsports Kreger class 10 car

    We bought an eight year old Kreger 10 car back in September. Turns out it is Will Higmans old car. We immediately took it to Derek at Kreger to install our motor and transmission and clean up what was done in the years the car spent in Mexico. We picked it up this past weekend and took it out to...
  3. oraugas

    Calling all Class 10 racers

    Come race the SNORE Kartek Western Desert Championship Nov. 14-16th ~ Ridgecrest, CA The feature class money will roll over from the snore 250 for this race Class 10 is the "Featured Class" for this race. Here is the pay out: $3000 to 1st w/10 cars $4000 to 1st w/20 cars get the info on...
  4. oraugas

    Looking for an Arizona fiberglass panel fabricator

    I need a small fiberglass or carbonfiber panel made for my class 10 car. I have the original that is busted. I would like to find a local fabricator.
  5. oraugas

    In the market for new shocks?

    One thing you should take into consideration when determining which brand to buy is "customer service". All of us at D-n-D Motorsports want to thank Joel Ward at Bilstein Suspension. For the second time he has spent an entire day dialing in our suspension on our class 10 car, this time all...
  6. oraugas

    MDR Lucerne(course A)??

    Can anyone offer info on the Lucerne course A track? We are from Phoenix and never raced MDR and are considering the June 28th race. Class 10 turn out? How long? Rough? Technical? etc?
  7. oraugas

    10 car transmission question

    Will a Mendeola 4E with 930 cv's hold up to a 1800cc Toyota motor?:confused:
  8. oraugas

    Anyone know Lostboys racing #7202?

    We found a jack at Parker with the name "Lostboy's Racing" #7202. Send me a pm for any info so that I can return it.
  9. oraugas

    Recipe for disaster, mistake, nothing more

    As some of you have read in a few of the threads speaking of the Wilson accident, which occurred at the Parker 425. There have been many uneducated comments regarding the choice to tow on a hot track and the question of desert racing safety, such as driving in dust. It's obvious that these...
  10. oraugas

    Hello my name is Dave

    I recently purchased a class 10 car in which I am competing in BITD and SNORE this year. I previously raced sr. pro quad in the Whiplash Desert Racing Series. Last year I was on a team that finished 6th in pro quad at the Baja 1000. I gave that up for a cage. Thanks, Dave Terrell D-n-D...
  11. oraugas

    Lost King Jack at Parker 425

    I know that this plea is a long shot, but here it is anyway. We had a King Jack attached to our car. We broke at mile marker #80 or so. I do not know if someone ""borrowed"" it that afternoon or if it fell off after pit #3. It didn't have a name on it, but it does have a 3/4" hole drilled in...
  12. oraugas

    Front end for "dummies"

    I need to do a race prep on the front end of my class 9 car I just bought. Does anyone have some resources that I can use to assist. I noticed that the caster-camber on the front is different from one side to the other. Another thing that I noticed is that the shocks appear to be dented and...
  13. oraugas

    Help with transmission

    I just bought a class 9 car. The first time I took it out, I got stuck, put it in reverse. Then it jumped out of reverse and made a grinding noise. Now when it is in neutral it makes a rattling sound. All forward gears work fine. Is this something simple to fix or do I need to have a transmission...
  14. oraugas

    hello my name is "oraugas"

    I would like to have posting access.