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  1. jfracerzr

    (Video) Polaris tackle the 2013 Mint 400 - Did you get beat by a UTV?

    They beat us by 40 minutes. I'd say we were down 25 minutes. We also got a flat at least 5 miles from the finish but drove it out.
  2. jfracerzr

    (Video) Polaris tackle the 2013 Mint 400 - Did you get beat by a UTV?

    The team we pitted for placed fourth in the pro utv class at the Parker 250 with a stock motor and that was after we had torn a cv and had to replace a front upper ball joint. Any utv can be competitive.
  3. jfracerzr

    Official Speed Energy Racing statement from Robby Gordon

    I'd want proof or a justification of my penalty if I had A win taken away from me. Especially with how much time and money is spent just getting to the race alone. I don't think Robby would appeal thei decision if he knew he did something wrong.
  4. jfracerzr

    what really happened between Robby and Pete?

    I have a strong feeling this is what caused this..
  5. jfracerzr

    Quad overalls AGAIN!

    ohhh im sure that course favored the quads.... haha lets see what they have to come up with now. i got to make it to one of these night races they sound like a blast. Congrats to fredericks and mitchell/waters on the 1-2!
  6. jfracerzr

    BlueWater G.P. **PIX**

    Any of quad 467?
  7. jfracerzr

    RM | Bilek SS 300 Photos

    nice shots! any of 1938?
  8. jfracerzr

    Quads running as fast as bikes at Red Bud?

    About the SX comment. Earlier this at the canada rounds, they had a quad race directly after the supercross main event and the quad winner John Natalie would have finished in the top 5 if he were out there at the same time as the bikes. They compared the times.
  9. jfracerzr

    Quads running as fast as bikes at Red Bud?

    Did you really just say that? Ha local dirtbike riders here complain all the time about how bad the quads tear up the track. Quad teams are usually in the top ten overall in every bitd race. Even in worcs the quads lap times are comparable to the bikes. It was funny to see the havasu worcs race...
  10. jfracerzr


    Hovey blew the transmission after going through the python on the 3rd lap. He was definitely flying through the desert though!
  11. jfracerzr

    Trent Kendall Update

    this is sad to hear. i dont know the guy but ive seen him at races and all that alot. Get well soon! Hope to see you back out in the desert soon!
  12. jfracerzr

    BANNING motorsports ((VIDEO))

    ok cool. i was number 689 and had a yellow background. my dad also raced a black polaris rzr 1929. thanks alot, i really appreciate it!:cool:
  13. jfracerzr

    BANNING motorsports ((VIDEO))

    all your videos are sick! do you have a video from this years bluewater gran prix?
  14. jfracerzr

    Old School Prerunners?

    my grandpa is the one who bought that truck! Yes, its still down in parker. Im not to sure all he's done to it since hes got his hands on it. i think mainly just cleaning it up and making it look good. Im still waiting for a ride in it lol
  15. jfracerzr

    BlueWater G.P. Pictures

    fo you have any of 689? blue and red quad with black gear
  16. jfracerzr

    Who's in for the B.W.G.P.?

    what an awesome event! course was better than last year in my opinion but i didnt race a quad last year ha. well i ended up getting sick on thursday night so i was bummed. i was not feeling the greatest during the race but ended up getting 3rd in quad ironman am. federicks and zimmerman showed...
  17. jfracerzr

    Who's in for the B.W.G.P.?

    yeah i know ha i normally ride with my dad in the rzr so im pretty excited
  18. jfracerzr

    Who's in for the B.W.G.P.?

    im racing quad ironman and my dad will be racing our polaris rzr.... first bitd race on a quad i cant wait!
  19. jfracerzr

    The *official* 2010 SX series thread

    windham is definately tough to beat when it comes to rutted out tracks like seattle
  20. jfracerzr

    Silver State 300 - Who's Running?

    if its the quad im thinking of. doesnt it have boxed chromaly a arms as well?