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    Colorado Desert Racers

    Larry Schmueser races Trophylite out of Rifle. Sent from my iPad using race-deZert
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    Silver State 300 updates has online coverage. Sent from my iPad using race-deZert mobile app
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    Official Changes to the 2016 BITD Race Season (From Press Conference)

    It will be interesting to see how 300 race teams spend the night in Tonopah. Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
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    2014 SCORE Baja 500 - Official Update Thread

    Anyone know what is happening at rm 62? Looks like a good sized bottle neck. Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
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    Text/Email plans in Europe

    Have a friend that just got back from Europe, they have Verizon. Added an international plan for $5 or so, and used their phone with no problem. Very few overage charges. They were all over Ireland and then in Prague. Call Verizon and check on their coverage in Austria, if you haven't...
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    Scorpion Stings

    My son got stung by a bark scorpion on the foot. Made his leg feel like it was asleep for about 24 hrs, then it when away. He loves scorpions now...
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    SNORE Midnight Special appeal status and Race Safety Management Plan

    I know no one likes a snitch, myself included, but maybe SNORE could create a tip line (or provide one member of the Safety Management group's cell phone number) to call during the race. That way if someone sees an issue they can report it. Sounds like we are going to need to police ourselves...
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    Powder Coated Chassi

    Makes it tough to weld if you have to do a field fix too.
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    Helicopter video of Riot racing tarnishes win

    Hope you got video on that! ;)
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    I desperately need your help!!!

    Another from AZ sent!
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    Check under your vehicles!

    To me the FBI is like the IRS, I'd rather not be on their bad side... I'm sure they could have found some sort of "leverage" to ensure that he gave the device back.
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    Hail sale in Pheonix?

    Haven't seen too great of deals on anything yet... Had a buddy that was looking at a new superduty and the dealer was willing to drop it $500 due to the hail damage... hopefully they get better discounts soon.
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    What does everyone do as a job?

    I manage drug dealers... but they are licensed. :rolleyes:
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    buggy theft

    My dad has a device called a smart wheel from Cutting Edge Performance on his buggy. The ignition is in two parts and they work wirelessly. The steering wheel has a switch on it and there is a box that you can hide anywhere on the car. Take the steering wheel with you and they can't start the...
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    Baja 1000 - Get your wallets out!

    What was Primm, $1400 or so? Baja is 3-4 times as long, so it seems like a deal to me ;) Gotta remember, this is not a short race...
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    Pirates or Clowns, am I right or wrong?

    Ahhh man.... I was envisioning a Michael Jackson's "Beat it" style brawl in Ensenada. Desert racers vs Rock Crawlers... Guess we will just have to wait to see how they finish.
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    Pirates or Clowns, am I right or wrong?

    Looks more like a small Class 1 then a rock buggy to me. Maybe he can keep up, if not he just needs to be aware and move over, just like any other person in slower vehicle should.
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    so what would they be?

    427 Cobra Ferrari FXX Loaded Geiser (since the shark is already spoken for;))
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    Ivan "Ironhair" Stewart Auction $$$$$$$$$

    Kinda like Barrett Jackson's or Mecham's auctions being on TV. People like to watch the auction for items they may not be able to really buy.