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  1. jps1145

    Looking For In House Race Car Prep Buddy

    If I lived closer (Tehachapi) I'd volunteer for that!
  2. jps1145

    Starting in Desert Racing

    Didn't TJ Flores try that? What happened to him?
  3. jps1145

    Icom F5021 Aux speaker jack not working

    I managed to figure it out... while into the radio I was checking connections and jumping a couple connections, i happened to ground the radio chassis to the aux jack ground and heard some sound from the aux speaker. looks like there was a bad or broken connection to the jack ground. i just...
  4. jps1145

    Icom F5021 Aux speaker jack not working

    Thanks for the info! I'm sure my mistake was leaving the dash speaker connected to the truck's system, and it back-fed to the radio. I've since installed a separate small speaker next to the dash speaker. I can swing a soldering iron, but I may just swap radios with my race car after converting...
  5. jps1145

    Icom F5021 Aux speaker jack not working

    This may be a long shot, but I'm hoping it will be a simple fix. I have the chase radio in the center console of my Raptor and ran an auxiliary speaker cable to the center dash speaker. I had heard that it wouldn't cause any issues with the chase radio (poor advice as it turns out). After...
  6. jps1145

    Vintage Funco - back in CA time to register

    like was said above, have your paper in order. since i didn't have anything other than a bill of sale, i was given a sheet to describe what was done to chassis and estimated cost. it wasn't painful. I made the appointment for this afternoon down in Mojave. The officer looked over the chassis to...
  7. jps1145

    Haul your vintage buggy.....

    that van is bitchin!
  8. jps1145

    Class 5 only

    Restore that car! There are plenty of later models (post '68's) that can be turned into an 11, which already have IRS.
  9. jps1145

    Vintage Funco - back in CA time to register

    Good tip! i may just bring it down in the condition i got it. just the chassis.
  10. jps1145

    Vintage Funco - back in CA time to register

    Receipts... LOL! Most of the expensive stuff (motor/trans) I had laying around. Maybe I can convince Norm to write me a bill of sale. I'm not in a big hurry to get it legal.
  11. jps1145

    Vintage Funco - back in CA time to register

    I picked up a chassis an body of an old Funco from Norm Francis last year and put it back together. I was living in TX at the time and planned to race it out there. Well, after the request from my employer to relocate BACK to CA, i jumped at the chance. I'm now back, but in the Tehachapi area...
  12. jps1145

    Debt collection from my crash at the MINT 400

    LOL! i had to stop listening after "hand model".
  13. jps1145

    Class 5 only

    Nice car, but that house in the background! Wow!
  14. jps1145

    Raptor stolen - then recovered an hour later!

    I always debated getting that app. No more debate! Good story, and good for you for getting your truck back so fast!
  15. jps1145

    Class 5 only

    Wish i could get my crap together for this... Looks super fun, and right down the street now that I live in Tehachapi!
  16. jps1145

    How to repair the Mint 400 Race file with LEADNAV

    You should offer your services to do this each race.
  17. jps1145

    Swift racing Baja 1000 video

  18. jps1145

    Dust to Glory 2 ????

    mostly interviews with the well known drivers talking about Baja
  19. jps1145

    Vintage Chenowth 2000 Desert 5 Link Restoration

    This thing is RAD!
  20. jps1145

    Class 5 only

    I reached out to Moore and they said Tweed's stuff hasn't been available for over a year. He retired (even though his website is still up, and using photos of my car by the way...). I'm hoping someone may have a used one or some new old stock laying around. Even if it is just the spindle itself...