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    IV250 Baldwin pit stop / tire change

    Still hauling ass with a destroyed tire
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    Dan's truck and "the piece" in off-road!

    Dan\'s truck and \"the piece\" in off-road! you guys are famous!
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    Dual sport riders

    I know not everyone reads the Save the dezert forum as much as they should(myself included) so if you ride a dual sport or are thinking of getting one(like i am) or would like to preserve your right to ride one someday please check out this thread Dual sports illegal??
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    Mini DV/Editing sites and forums?

    Anyone know of some good Mini DV/ Editing sites or forums? Im starting to get more into editing and want a good place to learn some new tricks. I tried searching around and didn't come up with anything that was very good.
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    Union Tribune Article--> lifted trucks=bad

    anyone else see this article?<A target="_blank" HREF=></A> it had a big picture of a lifted nissan crashing into a jeep and went on to say how...
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    Research paper

    I am doing a paper for my political science class on land use issues in California. I need some stats like how much the off road industry impacts the economy and so on. Any info that you can share with me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Paul 97 Ranger 4x4 02 CR125
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    Bumpstop adjustment?

    Ok, my buddy has a pretty nice s10 thats hes been working on for a while w/ airbumps in the back. The thing is that he only uses about 1/2 of the shaft under the hardest conditions that the truck will handle. He was wondering if he should let pressure out of them or something, or just leave them...
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    Prerunner Filters?

    There was a thread about filters a while back, but it didnt really give me the info that i wanted for a prerunner application. Kritter said that a K&N with a pre filter was your best best. My question is would that be the pantyhose type prefilter or the foam one? I dont really care if i have to...
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    F150 equal length Beams

    I need some pictures of F150's with equal length beams, i searched around and only found one so far. I want a close of pic of the front supension. If anyone has any please post them or email me @ thanks 97 Ranger 4x4 02 CR125
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    Ranger blocks on an F150?

    My friend is going to lift his 02 f150 2wd and i was wondering if he could use my stock 4x4 ranger lift blocks for the rear.The springs look to be the same width. Would this work? Thanks 97 Ranger 4x4 02 CR125
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    C4 in a 4x4 ranger?

    I'm not planning on doing this anytime soon, but when my transmission blows again, i want to put a c4 in it. Is there an adapter to make it fit the Borg Warner 1354 T case? Or should i have a different T case? Will the diveshaft be to short? Any info is much appreciated. BTW its a 97 ranger 4x4...
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    Old School Trophy trucks

    In a thread on the shop board someone said that it has only been recently that all the trophy trucks were running a-arms. I've never seen one with anything else, but if there are/were trophys with a diffrent kind of suspension, does anyone know were i can find info/pics of them...
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    MP3 player???

    Someone said something about baldwin's class one or prerunner having an mp3 player, and what im wondering is: Do they make a car audio deck that is just an mp3 player using a memory card or something besides a cd? or did they just hook up a personal mp3 player to an input on their standard...
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    Weber Carb?

    Im building an 1835 vw for a rail, and a guy i know has a webber 44 that he will sell me for 60 bucks. He said it will need a rebuild kit which is about another 60, but its in pretty good shape. Seeing as how new ones are like 300 bucks, this seems like a good deal. What do you guys think? Also...
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    Speedchannel petition

    If you are opposed to the reprogramming of Speed Vision towards stock car racing sign this petition. <A target="_blank" HREF=></A> 97 Ranger 4x4 02 CR125
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    Ranger odometer

    anyone's ranger odometer (sp?) ever stop working? I reset my trip odometer every time i fill up, and sometimes, after driving a while, i'll notice that the trip is still 0 and i don't think the other one moved either. If i reset it a couple times, it will work again though. Some people might...
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    VW rods

    i am building an 1835cc vw motor for my sandrail, and i was thinking of using the scat 4130 I beam rods(5.394") since they are only 150 for a set. Now ive seen diffrent people say that they are only good up to 6000 or 6500 rpm. This is the first bug ive built and i dont know what this motor...