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  1. jps1145

    Icom F5021 Aux speaker jack not working

    This may be a long shot, but I'm hoping it will be a simple fix. I have the chase radio in the center console of my Raptor and ran an auxiliary speaker cable to the center dash speaker. I had heard that it wouldn't cause any issues with the chase radio (poor advice as it turns out). After...
  2. jps1145

    Vintage Funco - back in CA time to register

    I picked up a chassis an body of an old Funco from Norm Francis last year and put it back together. I was living in TX at the time and planned to race it out there. Well, after the request from my employer to relocate BACK to CA, i jumped at the chance. I'm now back, but in the Tehachapi area...
  3. jps1145

    King Parts

    Anyone have a link to specific parts for King shocks. This may sound dumb, but I can't seem to find where to order online a piston and wear band for a 3-1/2" shock (actually 2 each). Shims, o-rings, heims, no problem, they're easy. I don't like people very much, so I don't usually call unless I...
  4. jps1145

    New antenna for Lowrance 540c Baja GPS?

    What new antennas will be compatible with this older GPS unit? I damaged mine during a recent event. Are they a simple "plug and play" type of swap, or more involved? Specific models would be helpful.
  5. jps1145

    push to talk issue using ear buds

    during our last race i had an issue broadcasting through the intercom push to talk. All PCI stuff. Commlink 6, Icom, and helmet kit. I could not transmit through the push to talk with my ear buds connected. once I pulled them out, it would work. any ideas? I hate driving without the earbuds due...
  6. jps1145

    Dry Sump on a VW Type 1?

    I'm considering going to a dry sump in my 5 car. I'd like to use the type that go into the stock pump location. I've seen two different pumps that fit this, one by CB Performance, and one by Bugpack. I like the simplicity of the CBP pump, but I'm not keen on the small gear on the scavange side...
  7. jps1145

    Bilstein Parts???

    I've been waiting on a 12" piston rod for one of my 7100's for almost a month. I bent it during the last EDR race in March here in TX. I've called around and no one seems to have one. Does anyone have a good source for Bilstein parts? Shims are easy to get, but if the rest of the parts are this...
  8. jps1145

    FOA bypass shocks?

    I know I've seen a thread about these at one point, but I couldn't find it. Has anyone used FOA bypass shocks on their race or serious play car? It's pretty hard not to look at these since they are HALF the cost of the big players. I'm considering changing to a single bypass shock on the rear...
  9. jps1145

    24 Hour Texas Xtreme Team Challenge Sept. 10-11

    Just want to let you know we are hosting an extreme endurance race this summer. It is a 24 mile loop, raced a full 24 hours, September 10-11. You can race it on a 3 man team, or if you really want to impress your buddies, enter the Ironman class and race it solo. There are cash payouts for teams...
  10. jps1145

    Wiring a helmet?

    Anyone have experience adding a headset to a helmet? I know I can send it to PCI and have them do it, but I'd like to do it myself. It's cake doing it with a MC helmet cause you can remove the padding. My Bell has all of the padding glued in. Any tips would be great!
  11. jps1145

    Type 1 oil starvation problem

    What do you VW engine builders use to keep the oil in the sump? I lost my motor in my last race in TX. It's a 1915 with a counter-weighted crank, 30mm oil pump, and it's full flowed. I was running 15/40 Rotella I had a problem keeping oil pressure up when corning hard. I'd lose it for a few...
  12. jps1145

    540c shuts off during a hard hit???

    I just installed this 540c unit in my 5 car and ran it for the first time here in TX. It was working great until we got to about 150 miles into the race. When I had a hard hit the unit would shut down. It did this 4 or 5 times until we finished. I have not had a chance to check all of my...
  13. jps1145

    Repairing a 7100 seriers Bilstein

    Repairing a 7100 series Bilstein I beat up my wiper caps on my rear shocks over the weekend at the Sweetwater 200. My little bumps stops were destroyed early and I guess the shock was my new stop. By the end of the race, they were ringing like little bells bouncing off the lower mounts... Does...
  14. jps1145

    Class 5100 Baja "secondary door latch" Question

    I'm using the BITD rule book to prep my low budget Baja to race in OK in a couple of weeks. I don't think these guys will be that picky in the tech inspection, but I want follow some rules, cause they don't have many... Anyway, in the BITD rule book regarding the doors, there is a note about a...
  15. jps1145

    Hello from Texas! my name is John

    So I stumbled on this site while trying to find out when the CORR races start this weekend at the Texas Motor Speedway. I was heading back from Little Sahara in OK and saw the marquee at TMS advertising the races. So i started looking for ticket info. I moved out here from San Diego in late '04...