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  1. Desert_Roller

    2009 SCORE Primm 300 map

    Here it is.
  2. Desert_Roller

    Tony George you son of a .....

    To the man who single-hand destroyed open wheel racing in the US and abroad, thank you. From multiple tire manufactures, engine suppliers, chassis, dampners, technology, and competition down to one or none, you killed it all, thank you. A sacred place that hosted one race a year, the largest...
  3. Desert_Roller

    Best taco stand - TV show?

    One of the things I always look forward to after a prerun or race in Mexico are some good tacos and a cold beer or two. Hanging out with teammates or buddies after a hard day at the “office” for some bench racing and debriefing is one of the best perks in off road racing. Because everyone has...
  4. Desert_Roller

    2007 Baja 1000 GPS files

    Does anyone have a GPS plot trail for Highway 1 South of El Rosario? What I have has been filtered to the point of being worthless. Check your GPS units, if you have any data South of San Telmo Road on the Pacific side I will make it worth your while: race maps/chase books for this years race...
  5. Desert_Roller

    Weatherman's map

    For those of you that are not going to the 1000 here is a special treat - the Weatherman's map. This is the actual map going in the plane with Bob on race day. Everytime the 1000 goes to La Paz I do a special map that includes pit locations for Bob so he can check what's happening at specific...
  6. Desert_Roller

    FAIR & Checkers Baja 1000 pit support

    As loyal club members know FAIR and Checkers are teaming up for this years Baja 1000. For those non – regular attendees, surprise! The list of interested racers is really long but as we come down to the final days before the start of the race, I have to post on a more public forum so there is...
  7. Desert_Roller

    The positive side of Primm

    With a bit of static left over from this past weekend I wanted to put a positive spin on the race. 1. Dirks & Porter – Mark Porter hooked me up with a spare room conformation # after Buffalo Bills sold out. When I didn’t make to check in on time, he paid for my room so I wouldn’t...
  8. Desert_Roller

    New FAIR trailers

    Does anyone have an inside line at a trailer manufacturer or dealer? FAIR is replacing 3 of our trailers with larger 6’ x 10’ models and we wanted to give an RDC member or associate the sale. As a finder’s fee FAIR will offer you pit support at the SCORE Primm 300. As a side note Tony...
  9. Desert_Roller

    Goodyear Tires pulls out of Off-Road

    I just heard a rumor; Goodyear Tire has pulled the plug on the Off-Road program. Does anyone know any details?
  10. Desert_Roller

    Stolen pit equipment

    WANTED: Information leading to the return of stolen F.A.I.R. pit equipment. 3 PCI Roadmasters, 1-12 volt power supply, 4 modified floor jacks, air guns, regulators, hand tools, 2 welder / generators, 8 spare tires. Stolen sometime between September 27 – December 4, from the F.A.I.R. truck...
  11. Desert_Roller

    Chase Rack

    I am having a chase rack built next week for the Baja 1000. It’s being built to accommodate a 37” tire, special thanks go to PCI Scott for letting me “borrow” a spare. I know 39”s are coming, but when? Anyway, I thought this would be a good topic for people to show their “skills” Other than...
  12. Desert_Roller

    Baja 1000 LIVE starting position drawing

    Mark your dezert calendars for Wednesday, October 15th. F.A.I.R. is hosting the 36th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 "LIVE" starting position drawing. The evening starts at 6:00pm with a racecar / truck / vendor display and 2 full no host bars. The Fullerton Radisson Hotel (91 frwy @ Harbor Blvd.) LIVE...
  13. Desert_Roller

    Buffalo Bills 400

    Buffalo Bills is less than 2 weeks away. F.A.I.R. will be out in force with complete pit support for the race. This Wednesday the 2nd is the last official meeting before race day. Any racers requesting pit support must send a representative from your team to the meeting. We will be discussing...
  14. Desert_Roller

    San Felipe pit support

    Wednesday, February 19th F.A.I.R. is having a general meeting at the Fullerton Radisson @ 8:00pm. Not only will Sheryl Cannon the "Racn' CPA" be our guest speaker, Art "The Tech Dude" Savedra will be in our member spotlight, and race planning for San Felipe will also take place. So far we're...
  15. Desert_Roller

    MDR Wild Wash 250

    As of this morning MDR's website has 87 entries listed, looks to be a good race, considering Parker is next weekend. Any racers needing F.A.I.R. pit support for the MDR race email me. Tom
  16. Desert_Roller


    F.A.I.R. will be out in force this weekend at the M.O.R.E. / PRO 1600 Barstow race. Any racers needing pit support should attend tonight's meeting at the Radisson Hotel in Fullerton on Harbor and the 91frwy. Current members come on out and vote for your new board of directors. New members are...