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    San Felipe 250 (Are you ready)

    That was a good course until the rain the night before made the summit impassible and they had to change the course during the race.
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    Fishgistics World Trophy Truck Ranking Is Here!

    I do like the idea of win a big one and you're in. B1K, B500, Parker, Mint, or V2R
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    Fishgistics World Trophy Truck Ranking Is Here!

    masleca-watch the video. "Hired guns" do get points (see both Sourapas'). But I think they have to be listed at least once as DOR.
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    Chase Trucks with Utility Bodies

    The video going around from SEMA is a sweet set up.
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    Questions about Class 1400

    A TT has to be made from 2" x .120, not 1.5". I'm currently (and slowly) building a prerunner and I can tell you it's not the big ticket things that drive up the cost, it's the little stuff (that you don't think of at first).
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    Dust 2 Glory Dec. 6th - Link to buy movie tickets

    Can we just buy them at the theater?
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    Hey Johnny "Drama' is doing a off road race movie!

    Does it end with "Bitchin"? (My dad's 15 minutes of fame)
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    Race Qualifying

    Have you seen RG drive? I don't think he uses a pumper because he feeds off dust. He started like 30th at the 2010 B1000 and when he went by us at RM178 he was already 4th. SCORE's deal is fair. Finish top 12 to draw in the top 12. You think qualifying is bad because people run harder than...
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    Bronco hangars specs

    Here's my dilemma: Got F64 deaver leafs off an old bronco (80-96) pre-runner that got 4 linked. Want to put them on my sons 75 F250 project. I need to know the distance from the center of the bump stop to the center of the front hangar and the distance from center of front hangar to center of...
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    SF Updates!

    109 Parkhouse at RM 199 @ 501mph! Should cross the finish in about 7-8 min. Good ole' trackers\m/
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    SF Updates!

    from score website (Starting order) SCORE TROPHY TRUCK: Rob MacCachren - 20 Cameron Steele - 16 Adam Householder - 24 Gustavo Vidosola, Jr. - 21 Jesse Ashcraft - 78 Ken Losch - 10 Dave Crinklaw - 27 Robbie Pierce - 30 Pete Sorhen - 2 Bryce Menzies - 70 Gary Weyhrich - 98...
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    SF Updates!

    Is weatherman hit and miss for everyone else?
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    SF Updates!

    IRC PROBLEMS??? IRC and SCORE are not responsible for tracker problems. So Menzies, Pete, or anyone else will get a huge penalty if their tracker doesn't work. Happened to us at 2010 SF250 and B500:mad:
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    Was RG Heli Crew Cheating? Legit Question...

    How we put DEF in diesels you have to put plutonium in the hummer to keep it glowing that orange. I heard it could be seen from the space station...
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    Saw Nunley's test their new one first time at Estero Beach last Friday and then finish 15th Saturday.
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    Round 5 - FREE Off Road Expo tickets

    you all suck!!! Oh well, I need to buy extra ticks anyhow. Anyone wanna pay my fuel bill to get down there?? Isn't there a campground at fairplex? Will it be open?
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    Round 5 - FREE Off Road Expo tickets

    everyone is sitting and drooling and waiting for post #99. I say you guys get it close and let me take it!!! My two boys are dying to go and I have to drive farther than the rest of you... I bet no one thought it would take 24 hrs to get to 100!
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    steering wheels vs handlebars: round 2

    if the sportsman bikes get a 4hr head start and ave. 35mph and the TT's ave. 55 they will catch up at mile 385 of a 1000 mile race! Doesn't seem like much of a solution. Maybe put a governor on the TT's so they don't go so fast..LOL. Maybe Pete should get a horn from an ice cream...
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    Round 4 - FREE Off Road Expo tickets

    could it be???
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    Round 4 - FREE Off Road Expo tickets

    i wanna go