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  1. BHollander

    95 Centurion C150 4x4 TTB build (Hollander family prerunner)

    Alright I guess its time to do a thread about my new toy we are building. I have had a few very capable nice nice prerunners over the years but nothing that had everything I wanted. So this past fall while Covid was in full tilt I decided it was now or never to build my dream truck. I wanted 4...
  2. BHollander

    Which race vehicles have the most wins?

    Some speculation as to what TT have the most wins in a derailed forum have me interested. I hate when good threads get derailed but I am very interested in this info. To me all classes would be interesting to find out what team had their stuff together. So which trucks and buggies have the most...
  3. BHollander

    Thank you Trophylite, BITD, Mad Media, Baja Pits, and Full Ahead Racing

    I week or so ago I was asked by a friend if I would like to race the Mint 400. I have not missed a Mint 400 since my first in 2010. So of coarse I had to say yes. But there was 1 major detail and that was BITD had already hit max capacity. Well we got word today that we are in from Rick Johnson...
  4. BHollander

    Parker Rooms at Blue Water

    I know it is crazy but worth a shot. I need 1 or 2 rooms at Blue water. My teammate has a house in Havasu but I would like to stay at Blue water. Room is needed for Friday and Saturday night but will pay for other nights if needed. If you have something available give me a call at 760-803-9469...
  5. BHollander

    CODE 275 VIEJAS class 8 race report

    I was invited by the Westwood family to race their awesome class 8 truck at the CODE race this past weekend. I had the honor of starting the race with Jim Westwood's brother John which is 78 years young. John had never been in a race vehicle before and I had only raced 1 CODE race before. I...
  6. BHollander

    Does anybody need a second driver for their 6100 in 2014?

    I am looking to team up with a 6100 team for 2014. I can bring money, prep, experience to the table as well as a few sponsors. I have raced in several classes but I am really digging the 6100 class. But before I pull a trigger on my own I would really like to race a season in the class. I have a...
  7. BHollander

    Off-Road Swap Meet Sunday 8-25-13 East San Diego County

    Sorry for the late notice but it will be Sunday morning at JP Designs in Santee off of the Hwy. 67. It is free to come sell and should have a decent turn out. There will be Prerunner parts, race parts, sand car parts plus a variety of other stuff. 11421-C Woodside Ave. 92071 is the address. If...
  8. BHollander

    Does anybody know the history on this truck?

    I recently aquired this truck. Does anybody know who built it? Who it was built for? The truck is pretty cool it has 4x4 ttb, Lightning motor, full cage tucked behind stock interior, Fox coil over and bypass up front and 4 bypasses in the rear, the truck is well thought out but I believe it was...
  9. BHollander

    Who is racing Vegas to Reno? Is it worth the expense and the heat?

    Just curious to see who is planning on racing? I have not decided whether I will run my Trophylite. Is the race worth the expense and the heat? We are sitting 6th in points out of 18-20 trucks. Is it worth the trip?
  10. BHollander

    Rooms at Blue Water

    Does anybody have extra rooms at Blue Water? I'm trying to get out of taking the motorhome all the way out there. Give me a call at 760-803-3665. I need at least one but i will take 2 if you have them. Thank you.
  11. BHollander

    Drama club participant

    How's it going my name is Brandon Hollander. I have been involved with racing in one form or another since I was born. I started on motorcycles and raced a little bit in Plastercity, superstition during the good ole Fud days. For 2011 I am Driving the DeRosier motorsports Trophylite. I have been...