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    BITD opens up 7200 Class to new engines

    Plainly we need another V8 truck class, TT, 6100, class 8, heavy metal, 1450, jeepspeed outlaws, are just not enough choices to get all those old v8 trucks to the races....... Wasn't the original argument about creating 6100 "getting all the outdated trophy trucks back to the races" how many old...
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    Off road racing in Clark county is over

    You guys crack me up acting like this Clark county race thing is a big R v D thing. This whole thing is about DEVELOPMENT of the desert south of Vegas, closing the other areas is just a trading card they are using to get the development areas, last I knew the "R"s were in FAVOR of development of...
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    Toyo Desert Challenge Presented by Monster at KOH 2021 - More classes and settling some grudge matches

    Thank YOU for all the stress and effort you put out to make these things happen!
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    Toyo Desert Challenge Presented by Monster at KOH 2021 - More classes and settling some grudge matches

    There where over 80 in Minnesota alone, around 300 directly connected and more with connections, certainly not a big deal out of 400,000 but nearly 4 times the Fake news posted on facebook. We need to use real numbers to advocate for these things, we lose credibility when we use fake numbers...
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    On Topic Rugged Radios

    The Rugged citation is for selling keypad programmable radios, while those are legal in other countries they are not legal to sell in the US. I have paid for a licensed private frequency for my business, one thing not mentioned so far is that most if not all of these licences are limited to a...
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    Looking into getting into racing, 5u vs 1600?

    I asked about a class 10 because I have a hard time believing a 5U would be any significant amount cheaper to race than a 10 car, isn't trans/engine/rear/suspension the same? Front is a beam vs A arms but I doubt that is cheaper. I guess beyond nostalgia and the cool factor of 5U I dont really...
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    Looking into getting into racing, 5u vs 1600?

    How much difference in cost between a 5U and a class 10? It seems like a fairly comparable pile of parts.....
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    Baja Legend Coco in need The last one must not have held up very well......
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    Why race with out gloves.....

    Because $40 puts racing out of reach for the average off road racer:rolleyes:
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    Buying a seat?

    You could probably get a ride in the right seat of a sportsman class car or truck at Primm or Laughlin for paying the entry fee, two day events and not a lot of responsibility for the right seat guy.
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    BITD Legal Window Net Help!!!!!!

    Several years ago my son had a fast hard rollover in a rocky area in a 1600 car, the window nets were attached around the perimeter with 50 lb zip ties and two aluminum straps around the roll cage at the top. After the rollover both window nets were down, all the zip ties around the top AND both...
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    BITD Legal Window Net Help!!!!!!

    With the way BITD enforces window net rules you could probably zip tie in some window screen and still pass tech......
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    55gl drum truck bed fuel tower

    It is not the pressure that dislodges the O-ring, it is the velocity of the fluid moving past it, the increased pressure results in a higher flow rate, thus a velocity increase (more gpm past the O-ring ) and thus the start of O-ring displacement issues in the redhead.
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    2020 BITD Silver State 300 Race Updates and Info

    First thing I noticed: Go back to your fuel barrel thread, watch the fire video, then ask your co dog how he's going to get his belts off with the skin burned off his fingers....... On the other subject, I dont think I would have let you by..........without a tap.......
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    I think at this point, from a practical standpoint, 6100 has effectively "consolidated" class 8, stock full, protruck, class 7 and a good portion of class 1, because those are all dead or dying since 6100 took off.
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    Interesting fueling strategy. Anyone do this to save time?

    Somebody "trying" to be fast instead of practicing being fast, as he pulled the can back could have skidded it behind him going back and picked up the other can going forward in one motion and been much faster.
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    ATTENTION ProTruck owners, wanna race the Baja 1000?

    looks like you might need a goat head on the grill also.....
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    Is Class 3000 Dead ?

    I think the solid rear axle got a wheel base advantage under the original class 3000 rules
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    PISTOL PETES WRECKED tt spec (crashed by dead beats who wont pay)

    I scored a holiday weekend ride in a trophy truck a couple years ago, they made every one who climbed in sign a 2 page waiver before suiting up for just this reason.