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  1. Dusty Ventures

    Amateur-ish question: Transmission fluid change

    So I'm sure this is a silly and amateur question and I'm frankly a bit embarrassed asking on a public forum, but I'm about to do the first transmission fluid change on our truck and I was wondering if I have to do anything special when putting in the new fluid due to the transmission cooler in...
  2. Dusty Ventures

    Lost the Steering Wheel

    So I've been told I should post this over here. I was co-driving the New England Forest Rally last week with TAG Rally Sport when we had a slight incident with the steering wheel on stage 3. In short, it came off. Fortunately the section of road we were on when it happened was relatively...
  3. Dusty Ventures

    Tie Rod to Heim Conversion

    After a tie rod costing us a finish at V2R and breaking tie rods again in an abbreviated test session heim joints are starting to look pretty good. It would make us ineligible for 7300 class, but I'd rather finish as a sportsman than DNF as a 7300. No one in the troop has ever done a heim...
  4. Dusty Ventures

    Hennessey Raptor SUV

    First Hennessey turbocharged the Raptor to give it 600 hp. Now they're turning it into an armored SUV. Article here.
  5. Dusty Ventures

    More Road Courses in NASCAR

    I think most fans agree there should be more, but the tracks that have race dates don't want to give them up. I was talking with a friend the other day and we realized most NASCAR tracks actually have a road course built into the facility. So for some of the tracks with two race dates on the...
  6. Dusty Ventures

    The fastest way to deliver ball punishment

    The swear filter prevents the link from working properly, so you'll have to copy paste the url (minus the big space in the middle) ck-shot21-fast-easy-way-to-deliver-ball-punishment.html I don't know why Vince didn't think of this in...
  7. Dusty Ventures

    6 Soldiers Who Survived "Stuff" That Would Kill a Terminator

    There is some serious badassery on this thing: OOH LA LA[/I]**** OOH LA LA**** OOH LA LA**** OOH LA LA**-that-would-kill-terminator.html"]6 Soldiers Who Survived S**t That Would Kill a Terminator
  8. Dusty Ventures

    Parnelli Jones on UStream Tomorrow

    Just got this message on facebook from the Ford Racing page. Put it in the pavement section since it's broadcast from Daytona: Ford Racing will host its first uStream chat on Friday, January 29 at 12:30pm ET with racing legend Parnelli Jones LIVE from Daytona International Speedway. Jones is...
  9. Dusty Ventures

    Where the Scouts At?

    I know there's a fair number of people on here who are current boy scouts, former boy scouts, or parents of boy scouts. Seeing as the Boy Scouts of America turns 100 this year, I thought I'd see who on here is involved with scouting in one way or another. Also, is anyone on here going to the...
  10. Dusty Ventures

    Dusty Ventures Motorsports: So Close (Vegas to Reno)

    This race ended before it started. We were doing our final race prep before loading the truck on the trailer for the drive west when we came across mechanical problems that simply can't be overcome in the amount of time we have remaining, particularly when one factors in the number of days...
  11. Dusty Ventures

    V2R: A Cry For Help!

    Anyone going to be in Vegas on Tuesday? I feel like I'm stuck in a Top Gear challenge. And at the moment that's not a good thing. Mechanically the truck is good. We've driven it. Everything works and it handles well. The problem is we still have a lot of the little annoying things left to do...
  12. Dusty Ventures

    Man Short: Co-Drive AND DRIVE(!) Vegas to Reno

    Dusty Ventures Motorsports (the Boy Scout crewed off road team) lost one of our drivers. He decided he'd rather race 100 miles at Bristol Speedway than 1,000 in the Nevada desert. Math doesn't quite seem to add up to me, but whatever. Anyway, this means we're a driver short for the race. So I've...
  13. Dusty Ventures

    The Crown Jewels of Racing

    I was making a list of the global crown jewels of racing. My definition of a "crown jewel" race is a race or motorsports event that is known internationally/globally as one of the greats. Obvious names on the list are the Baja 1000, Speedweek at the Bonneville Flats, and the 24 Hours of LeMans...
  14. Dusty Ventures

    Top Gear Drinking Game

    I'm sure someone has thought of this already, but with season 13 set to air soon, I thought I'd bring it up. Here are the rules I've come up with so far. Feel free to modify as needed: Clarkson says "In the world": 1 sip Any of the three nicknames are used (Jezza, Hamster, Captain Slow): 1...
  15. Dusty Ventures

    Bonneville Salt Flats

    Has anyone ever taken their truck to Speedweek or World of Speed at the Bonneville flats? It'd be awesome to see what something like a TT or even a 5-1600 could turn on the 7 mile track.
  16. Dusty Ventures

    Infineon - RDC Fantasy

    First road course race of the season and one of my favorites. Makes it tough to pick a Group C driver though. Ringers or no ringers. Tough to decide.
  17. Dusty Ventures

    Twittering Race Teams

    Any other racing twits out there? After months of trying to resist, I gave in and embraced the evil that is twitter. It has its perks. We have one of those waterproof/dustproof/fireproof/Pistola-proof military spec cell phones. We're going to give it to our co-dogs during V2R and actually...
  18. Dusty Ventures

    Dusty Ventures Motorsports 7300 Ranger

    We're just two months away from finally officially becoming racers. Which means we've officially entered crunch time (panic time is probably more accurate). The scouts are working their butts off and have been doing an excellent job, but between constantly alternating between fundraising and...
  19. Dusty Ventures

    GPS: What Works

    Clearly the way to go is Lowrance. My question is how low end can I go? Should I not stray outside units tagged with "Baja?" (Such as the 540c), would the 3500c work as well? 5200c, etc? Any suggestions?
  20. Dusty Ventures

    Interesting Dirt Glitch

    I was playing career mode in Dirt yet again, trying to unlock the last achievement or two. I went from a Pro-4 race to a Crossover race. The car I selected for the Crossover was the Evo IX, but when the track loaded, I found myself in my Pro-4 Tundra from the CORR race I'd just finished. Not one...