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    Found Tool Bag

    Ashcraft Racing crew found a tool bag while prerunning on Thursday. Describe it and we will get it back to you.
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    BAP results
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    Class 10 ecotec @ Parker

    Double post. Delete
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    Box van etc........

    Ashcraft Racing Box van stolen last night from our building In Vista ca. Its an F350 with 16ft box. Used to be owned by Bills Pipes. It was loaded down with Tools, yamaha Generator, Miller mig welder, Misc parts and pieces for our Class 10 and TT. Also cargo conatiners broken into a honda...
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    DA BLUE BEAR Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Buddy!!!!!! Hope all is well!
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    Terrible Town 250 Drawing results

    On BITD website 1 1001 Jacobs 2 1051 Hodgson 3 1066 Dawson 4 1055 Folks 5 1025 Almeida 6 1065 Ashcraft 7 1061 Lawrence 8 1007 Hart 9 1052 Elam 10 1015 VanHattem 11 1050 Jimenez 12 1021 Brown 13 1087 Conlon 14 1088 Bell 15 1141 Jones 16 1119 Burgess 17 1111 Greenberg 18...
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    Ashcraft TT Dyno vid

    Here is a sample video from the Dyno session at Danzio earlier today. MySpaceTV Videos: Ashcraft TT by ASHCRAFT RACING☆
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    Ashcraft Racing says NO MAS BAJA for us...

    Exactly what the title says. We have come to the conclusion that we will no longer subject ourselves to the atrocious events that occur while we race in Baja. Our Team is tired of being harrased by the "policia" for bribes, Tired of vehicles being stolen, Tired Hotel rooms being broken into...
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    Visa in ensenada?????

    Probally been asked before. Where can I get a Visa in Ensenada? Address? Thanks
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    Maglite mount

    Alright Probally should have been in the shop section but need some ideas For a maglite mount before I leave on friday. I was going to wrap up my maglite and stuff it into the tool bag but... I want it to be more acessable. Let see what you got! Thanks
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    Ashcraft class 10 testing video

    Went out to plaster city this weekend to do some testing in our new to us Alumicraft class 10 car. YouTube - Ashcraft Racing Class 10
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    Lost King Jack at Primm

    At some point my King Jack fell off of my car at Primm this weekend. Would be great if it made its way back to me. Thanks Adam
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    1612 Baja 500 InCar video

    Here is some video from the Baja 500. Its a rough cut. A couple of passes. Boobytrap that almost ended my day at RM 5. Hope you enjoy.
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    Baja 250 incar video

    Here is a rough cut of the baja 250 incar from my 1600. just a few clips from the start to about mile 10. Hope you guys enjoy.
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    Sparco seat owners only please.

    Im only intrested in hearing form sparco owners please. I do not want this turning into a suspension seat vs non-suspension seat discussion. I have searched and read many posts about sparco seats on this forum and now want to here from drivers/riders only. The car Im planning on installing the...
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    Race day Films

    I want to say thanks to Race Day Films. You guys are awsome! Promoting the 1600 drivers on your own dollar. I had a great time doing my first interview. I probally sound like a dork but oh well. I cant wait to see the video of the Dash.
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    class 10 for sale??

    Does anybody know of any class 10 cars that are for sale other than the cars in the classified section? Please post pics and prices thanks.
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    Need shock tuning advice for 1600

    Alright boys. Went to plaster city yesterday for the first test run on my 1600. I need some advice on tuning the rear shocks before I head back out. The rear shocks are 3.0 4 tube King bypass. Thanks for the help.
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    Laser Etched

    Here are some pictures of a set of sway bar links that etched for H&M Motorsports. Approximate time to etch about 15 min. per part.
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    Ashcraft 1600 pics

    Here are a couple of pics of my single seat 1600. Here are a few specs. Majors performance 1600cc dual port. All fodrill suspension componets. King shocks. hope you enjoy. :)