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    *VIDEO* Wilson Motorsports Wins the 2016 Baja 1000!

    Excellent video. Congratulations Wilson Motorsports.
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    Conservationists Trying to stop V2R

    Sounds like a good spot for another solar farm.
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    The new BITD Laughlin race. Yea or Nay?

    I had a great time. I wish that there had been more of the heavy hitter's racing the race. And for this being a new venue for BITD I think that things went well. Thanks to all the BITD staff and the volunteer's as usual you guys and gals kicked ass.
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    Vaya con Dios

    Condolences to family and friends .
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    Who has video and photos of Parker 425???

    Get Some Photo, HighRev, Bink Designs, Durka Durka. Use goggle the last time that I posted links the post was deleted.
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    We need a Droogsma Device in offroad racing.

    So your cool with the way things are now ? No ideas of your own on how to make racing in Baja any safer ? I know that your " Smarter then Dirt " so you should have the answers right on the tip of your tongue so please share them with the rest us mere mortals. Having the race course bypassing a...
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    We need a Droogsma Device in offroad racing.

    I agree with Ken no more silt beds until some sort of sentinel system is implemented. I know that it is probably easier said then done when your trying to map out a new race course but that is the way it should be. Another short term idea would be to have a check point before and after the silt...
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    first time to battle at primm

    The damage to punching out of the ceiling tiles has happened every year that I have gone to the race. One year on a Sunday morning I walked done a entire hallway that was punched out. It is truly a disgusting act that makes you feel embarrassed to be associated with the race. This is not what...
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    $1000 Race Fuel dyke jump

    Todd Wyllie / Dyke jump. Click HD..
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    Done. Thank you !!
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    FYSA: Baja Road Death

    Wow what a nightmare. Condolences to the other parties family. And thank you for sharing the story and all of the good advice learned from it. A couple of years ago while driving by myself through Ojos Negros I had a young boy run into the street from between two cars. I missed hitting him but...
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    I am unofficially nominating Kent Kroeker as the " Official Score Master Debater " of the 2014 Score season.
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    2014 bitd bluewater challenge pics

    A few pics from the race.
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    score dezert challenge pics /

    A few pics from the race.
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    Hi, I went through all of my pics and I did not have your car. Thanks for asking. Joe

    Hi, I went through all of my pics and I did not have your car. Thanks for asking. Joe
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    bitd vtr race pics /

    A few pics from the race. I have pics of bikes, quads and utvs up on my site. Thanks for checking them out.
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    2014 code jacume gp /

    Thunder, lightning, rain and race cars sounds like a good time to me. For those of you longing for the good old days of bringing out the family and watching a race from anywhere on the race course. Then this is your race. With lots of racing action and good limited car class turn outs this is a...