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    San Felipe's starving poor

    Received a text today from James and Connie Coats , who live in SF and are valued members of the Weatherman Radio Relay Team. They wrote about the food bank being bare and the need for non perishable foods. Pre runners, race teams and spectators let's put together an effort to help the...
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    Weatherman Relay reluctantly not at the Mint 400

    Sharlene and I were ready to go and looking forward to our continuing support of the Mint 400 Race. We were invited, as usual by Mad Media; however, our effort was blocked by Casey's allegiance to his new sponsor. Had we more than two days advance notice, we could have prepared the Yellow...
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    Dave Cole the promoter of the Ultra-4 Series including the King of the Hammers was my hero at the San Felipe 250. Dave unstuck numerous vehicles, broke his thumb and continued working into the night and finally towed out Pistols truck. Without Dave, Matomi could have been a road block...
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    San Felipe mile by mile assets

    I am establishing a mile by mile asset location and still need: B F G , Checkers Off Road and anyone else that keeps track of handle bars and steering wheels.
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    I would like the pit locations, (Race course mileage and closest landmark). Also any medical assets and their experience level. This information allows me to build a list of race assets, by mileage to help in finding lost vehicles and summoning emergency help when necessary.
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    The Weatherman Radio Relay Team will again be there for STATUS reports and entertainment. My team mates for this MINT RACE will again be Bob Otwell on the PCI Customer Relay Channel, Kim Carpenter,(rescue 3), at the Media trailer with the internet to find status on race vehical's and My...
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    Leave Ensenada @ 12:30 Thursday cruise for 7 hours and land in Loreto @ 8:30PM, two hours on the ground paying fees to keep airport open all night, etc, etc. 9:30 leave Loreto and cruise for 7 hours and land again @3:30AM Friday or earlier if everything is quiet. 7:30AM Friday leave Loreto and...
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    I have the pit locations for BFG, Baja Pits, Mag 7 and the SCORE checkpoints. Has there been any changes? Any other clubs? Checkers, any Motorcycle pits? This information helps the relays in locating race vehicles.
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    As always during a peninsula run, we will have two relay positions. The Mt. Diablo relay will consist of Bob Otwell and Bob Thompson. They will set up their P C I Race Radios, antennas and repeater on Wednesday. Mike Majors from SCORE is obtaining the internet equipment and setting it up at...
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    Mag 7 pits

    Mag 7 pits? I have e-mailed the president twice and the race director with no reply! Are they pitting? Anyone know where? I always draw up an asset chart by mileage to make it easier to locate a rider or driver within a 50 to 60 mile window, rather than use checkpoints which are too spread...
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    Weatherman needs a tire or two

    DESPERATE!! Poor zebra Jeep needs a BFG 35x12.50 15 Mud Terrain.. Sharlene and I are doing retrieval for the BITD Parker 424 and then going to the King of the Hammers to do retrieval there. I have 6 plugs in the left front sidewall and no spare! Rough time Rock Crawling last weekend. Called...
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    Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame

    The induction ceremony for this years inductees (Larry Bergquist, Bob Chandler, Frank DeAngelo, Jerry Herbst, and Bob Steinberger) into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame will be held on October 04, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. at the Sheraton Fairplex Hotel, 601 W McKinley Ave., Pomona, CA 91768...
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    ### BAJA 500 list of assets by race mile. ###

    Sharlene is developing a spread sheet of assets for the race and their respective mileage. We have BFG Pits, Baja Pits, Honda Pits, Mag 7 Pits and the SCORE Checkpoint locations. Any other assets that will be on the course and take bike numbers or could provide medical assistance and wish to...
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    I WAS EATING MY CURDS AND WHEY, (What ever that is?)

    And along came a SPIDER and bit me on the leg! That was Saturday and it's getting worse. We expect it was a Brown Recluse. It is hard to walk and I will not be at the San Felipe 250. However the WEATHERMAN TEAM of Bob Otwell and Bob Thompson will be doing the relay along with a new team...
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    Is everyone accounted for????

    Flying back Saturday afternoon, There were three hangies; 1) 261X never got to La Paz, by the time we left. 2) Brian Pernard blew a head gasket on his Ford Super Duty and was stuck near the Pemex station in Ciudad Constitution, there were suggested fixes, the best was alumaseal and BFG 12...
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    The sweeper

    The ultimate emergency/recovery vehicle could be the SWEEPER! This SWEEPER entry only wants a finisher pin no matter how long it takes! Like #1802! We can all go home knowing that no one is left behind. This gives me great satisfaction, knowing everyone is accounted for. This is where I...
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    The weatherman plan for the baja 1000

    You don't have to be named Bob to be on the Weatherman Team, but that's what it is. Bob Otwell and Bob Thompson will be at the Observatory. Setting up early, they will have Kenwood TK-790 - 110 Watt 160 Channel Radios monitoring Weatherman, (151.625), and the capability to switch channels on...
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    Missing / overdue / lost hunter. My Predator Club has asked me to help..

    Please get this information out I am sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but my father is an avid hunter and outdoorsman in the Barstow, CA area. He went coyote hunting TUE around 1030am and has not been seen or heard from since then. My family and I are desperately trying...
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    I really need some immediate help!!

    My wife Sharlene just flew into las Vegas from Canada, taxi cabbed it to Sams Town where she had left her car and found a wheel cover missing . She started to drive away and the wheel fell partly off as someone took the lug nuts. AAA would only tow her to a Ford Dealer, and then what? She is...
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    Pit locations for score baja 500

    It's that time again where I need the pit locations for: Baja Pits, BFG, Checkers, Honda, Locos Mocos, Mag 7 and Pork Pits. I make a cronological mileage chart of all the pits, checkpoints and medical assets to quickly find the nearest help for anyone in trouble or narrowing down the location...