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    Congratulations B.J. Baldwin & Team

    Congrats to B.J. and Team for your 1st place overall at the General Tire SNORE Mint 400 driving your Stout Industries Trophy Truck. It's a well deserved win on a rough, tough, nasty course in your ST Trophy Truck. Photo courtesy of JRod from Fast-Aid.
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    Parker Race speed ?????

    Okay.....Andy what was your over all race speed and time for the 2009 BITD Parker 425??????? Thanks Andy and will see you there Buddy.
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    #13 Public Apology to #51 Kory Scheeler

    I would just like to say sorry to Kory Scheeler, his co-rider and his entire team. When Kory passed us on the left turn, we were on the gas and we came into the right way too hot and we got tangled up (I ran into the rear passenger side of his truck and got stuck on his limit strap) It was...
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    Happy Birthday B.J.

    Happy Birthday Buddy.
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    Primm Weather on RACE DAY 100 F.

    Okay hoping for no rain. Sorry Im out front, and it to be HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!! Who's truck or car likes the heat ??????????????
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    Clyde #31 Unlimited Lites

    So I got it done with the help from Leroy Loerward and Jimmy Stephensen a big thanks to those two , Tony @ TOORRS and Lucas Oil. Also to all the fans and all the sponsers that support me and the team in the desert series that we run in our #13 trophy truck We will be running the #31 this...
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    Pro lite or pro 2 for rent

    Anybody Have a GOOD PRO LITE or PRO 2 for Rent PM ME for next weekend THANKS
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    How About Clyde #13 in a Pro 2

    Okay after the #2 tt Is done we are on to the Pro 2 Wide open and up side down LOL.......:eek:should be good fun...:D That all I have............
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    Geiser 1, 2 at the mint great job !!!!!

    I have to say great job to Andy and PAB a 1,2 for the Geiser team keep it up..........
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    Stout in car video sf 250 (13-31-13-31-13-31-13)

    This is the in car video of the STOUT-ST1 in action. Should I slow down?
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    LDC 5 Minutes with Clyde in #13 TT

    Came to a gunfight with a butterknife in regards to our motor . . . we ran a 630 hp LS7. Our goal was to see how we can run with the 770 to 850 hp guys to show how competitive our Stout ST1 chassis is. YouTube - Cylde Stout at Laughlin 2009 Here's my mistake where #16 got...
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    VIDEO:Ride With Clyde in the STOUT #13 TT

    See the testing at Plaster City of the new ST1 Stiut Trophy Truck with Todd from Fax Shocks and the Stout Industry crew. Sorry for the audio, we are not video guys, I guess we need some music! We are off to the reaces this weekend at the SNORE 250. Hope all you RDC guys like the video, thanks...
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    Battle at Primm "PAB VS Pistol Pete!" TT ???

    Im thinking PAB is at the tree bar tonight drinking Ketel One looking for some TT driver to go head to head with this weekend at the SNORE RACE. :confused: :confused: Im thinking with all the sh..... talk :rolleyes: Pistol should load up the monster TT and go head to head with PAB :eek:
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    come see the DA crew in v town