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  1. Marty Fiolka

    On Topic Input from racers for FUTURE NORRA Mexican 1000's.

    All, one of the things I think can work in terms of the Class 11 cars (and I would love to figure out a way to get a bunch of them at the event) is to do what J.T. Taylor did this year. A modified VW like his can run in the Vintage Production Class, as long as the car retains the stock...
  2. Marty Fiolka

    The Aftermath...thoughts on 2015 NORRA Mexican 1000

    Hello all. As part of the NORRA team it is nice to get honest feedback that will help us put on a better event in 2016. There is a post-rally meeting being scheduled to compare notes and get a jump on the year. Yes, registration will once again open January 1, 2016 at 12:00 noon Pacific...
  3. Marty Fiolka

    The Aftermath...thoughts on 2015 NORRA Mexican 1000

    Greetings Baja Bound Moto...and all. Seeing as some of these concerns fall into my wheelhouse, I can offer some insight. -- Joe was working with NORRA for a few races, and I think we would all enjoy him being NORRA's motorcycle liaison and expert. -- Yes, the Horsepower Ranch concept that was...
  4. Marty Fiolka

    Vintage NORRA Love by Hot Rod Magazine

    Ha ha, thanks for the nice compliments. Actually, I had no idea that Elana was doing that much photography, and she really did a great job. Yes, now that I raised the gear stack and R&P in the Manx's bus box the car is perfect for long cruises. We crossed the border in Tecate, which worked well...
  5. Marty Fiolka

    Vintage NORRA Love by Hot Rod Magazine

    As you might know, Hot Rod Magazine and Elana Scherr are down covering the event via the 1955 Chevy team of Jim Riley. Elana got to Baja with my wife and I, and she shared her pre-rally story in a great set of photos and text on Check it out...
  6. Marty Fiolka

    2015 General Tire NORRA Mexican 1000

    Have to say thanks to my friends at Hot Rod Magazine for some great coverage of their experience at this year's NORRA Mexican 1000. Check it out....
  7. Marty Fiolka

    Mexican 1000 GPS and Roadbook Files Now Available...

    Hello to all... The 2015 NORRA GPS and Roadbook files are up on their website! Looking forward to seeing many of you at Horsepower Ranch to kick things off tomorrow afternoon!
  8. Marty Fiolka

    NORRA Bob Gordon/Ryan Arciero

    Awesome. If that car ever leaves the Gordon or Arciero family I am first in me, the ultimate beam/trailing arm car ever.
  9. Marty Fiolka

    NORRA Mexican 1000 Navigator seat for sale $2500 full ride (4-days)

    All, just jumping in here, we are working on separating all of the NORRA Vintage classes so they are presented by class in the "General Tire Vintage Round-Up"....that would help. I agree, the Broncos are the story this year in terms of the vintage side of the Mexican 1000 -- along with Larry...
  10. Marty Fiolka

    NORRA Press Release Schedule/Maps

    Hey Rory, NORRA didn't release the maps with the mileage and stages until a short time ago. From what I understand, the GPS files (and the road books of course) will be available at the end of this week on the NORRA website and at Horsepower Ranch registration and, of course, on Saturday.
  11. Marty Fiolka

    The 2015 NORRA GT Mexican 1000 Official Events Schedule Is Here!

    Y2KBaja, NORRA runs the Weatherman frequency for all its ground and ground-to-air radio relays.
  12. Marty Fiolka

    ***Last ORIGINAL Mexican 1000 Original V8 Special !?!

    The car is a crazy and unusual piece of off-road racing history. I first saw it when Mr. Condos brought it to my first 1000 Miles to Glory night at the Peterson Automotive Museum in 2000. It was for sale awhile back...I hope we can see it run someday....
  13. Marty Fiolka

    2015 NORRA Schedule of Events and Location??

    All, we are finalizing the official schedule of events and should have it completed very soon. Most of the concerns and updating have been to maximize the schedule for all competitors and fix some issues from last year.
  14. Marty Fiolka

    2015 General Tire NORRA Mexican 1000 Maps -- See Them Here!

    Greetings to all, On behalf of everyone at NORRA and all our corporate partners, we are pleased to share these newly completed mileage/stage/transit maps for the upcoming General Tire Mexican 1000. We will have a new schedule of events out sometime next week as well. Cheers, Marty
  15. Marty Fiolka

    Fastest class 10 rebels past to present.

    One more team to add to the list -- Craig Watkins and Greg Aronson. Helped develop the Toyota water-cooled package, won their share of races and a SCORE Class Championship in the late 1980s.
  16. Marty Fiolka

    Norra jumps the shark

    Greetings to all, While I am not privy to NORRA's balance sheets, there are a couple of items to keep in mind. There is a value versus cost proposition that we/they try to balance always. There are huge costs in organizing and executing a four/five day rally down the Baja peninsula, but the...
  17. Marty Fiolka

    NORRA resets tire size limit to 37 for VINTAGE

    To all, I will try to offer a bit of perspective here. Essentially, NORRA has simply gone back to the same regulations that were in place for the past five Mexican 1000s. As someone properly stated,it is difficult making everyone happy. And no, I don't expect vehicles like a Stroppe Bronco to...
  18. Marty Fiolka

    NORRA Resets Vintage Category Route for Mexican 1000

    Greetings to all, We know this has been discussed at length with many racers and NORRA, but the change to the 2015 Mexican 1000 Day 1 has been finalized. Read all about it below. What should be obvious is the amount of effort NORRA puts into listening to our guests while trying to do the...
  19. Marty Fiolka

    NORRA and Mint 400 Vintage Car Display

    Hello to all, As many of you may know, for the past three years NORRA has helped the Mint 400 folks arrange and organize a vintage vehicle display on Fremont Street. Today NORRA announced it has be asked to return for the 2015 event with another great display of cars, trucks, bikes and buggies...