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  1. Marty Fiolka

    Vintage NORRA Love by Hot Rod Magazine

    As you might know, Hot Rod Magazine and Elana Scherr are down covering the event via the 1955 Chevy team of Jim Riley. Elana got to Baja with my wife and I, and she shared her pre-rally story in a great set of photos and text on Check it out...
  2. Marty Fiolka

    Mexican 1000 GPS and Roadbook Files Now Available...

    Hello to all... The 2015 NORRA GPS and Roadbook files are up on their website! Looking forward to seeing many of you at Horsepower Ranch to kick things off tomorrow afternoon!
  3. Marty Fiolka

    2015 General Tire NORRA Mexican 1000 Maps -- See Them Here!

    Greetings to all, On behalf of everyone at NORRA and all our corporate partners, we are pleased to share these newly completed mileage/stage/transit maps for the upcoming General Tire Mexican 1000. We will have a new schedule of events out sometime next week as well. Cheers, Marty
  4. Marty Fiolka

    NORRA Resets Vintage Category Route for Mexican 1000

    Greetings to all, We know this has been discussed at length with many racers and NORRA, but the change to the 2015 Mexican 1000 Day 1 has been finalized. Read all about it below. What should be obvious is the amount of effort NORRA puts into listening to our guests while trying to do the...
  5. Marty Fiolka

    NORRA and Mint 400 Vintage Car Display

    Hello to all, As many of you may know, for the past three years NORRA has helped the Mint 400 folks arrange and organize a vintage vehicle display on Fremont Street. Today NORRA announced it has be asked to return for the 2015 event with another great display of cars, trucks, bikes and buggies...
  6. Marty Fiolka

    Looking for a Tri-Phase Air Filter

    Greetings, I am restoring a very special old race Meyers Manx and am in need of finding a usable Tri-Phase air filter set-up. Car will be driven so it needs to work. Anybody out there got one they are willing to part with or sell? Thanks, Marty
  7. Marty Fiolka

    The Ultimate Set of Vintage Off-Road Tires and Wheels!

    It's crazy to think that someone has a brand new set of Western Auto Sandblaster tires -- but, here they are folks.
  8. Marty Fiolka

    New 2015 NORRA Mexican 1000 Vintage Format and Regulations

    Don't know if you guys and gals have seen this yet...NORRA looks to be insuring the vintage classes will continue to enjoy the "Happiest Race on Earth" in the years to come...
  9. Marty Fiolka

    Crandon World Championship Updates!

    The latest from Crandon International Raceway: TORC/MORR Classix: Dale Chestnut TORC/MORR Stock Truck: Diesel Shanak TORC/MORR 1600 Light Buggy: Jeff Virnig More updates all day
  10. Marty Fiolka

    NORRA Posts Event Schedule For 2014 General Tire Mexican 1000

    Here it is gang...enjoy.
  11. Marty Fiolka

    NORRA Posts Mileage/Chase Maps for General Tire Mexican 1000 Rally

    Greetings to all, As is the NORRA GT Mexican 1000 tradition, with 30 days to go before we gather in Ensenada for this year's event the new maps are now posted (separate maps for bikes and four-wheel vehicles) here: Ladies and gentlemen, time to...
  12. Marty Fiolka

    Mexican 1000 Racers Get Free IRC Tracking!

    Great news from NORRA today. In association with IRC, NORRA will be providing all of its racer complimentary rental of the tracking units and the air time. All that's required is a $75.00 rental fee for the mounting kits. Racers that already have these mounting kits will have no charges at all...
  13. Marty Fiolka

    Baja meets Dukes of Hazzard!

    Someone just sent me this film clip -- take for minutes and enjoy Hollywood at its 1970s finest!
  14. Marty Fiolka

    South Point Joins NORRA For Sport's Biggest Party

    Great news for the General Tire NORRA Mexican 1000 -- Michael Gaughan is stepping up again to help make the big San Jose del Cabo "Post Party and Driver's Awards" better than ever. NORRA is expecting over 1,000 guests in 2014 -- it doesn't get bigger than that...
  15. Marty Fiolka

    Vaya Con Dios to Cal Wells Jr.

    To all, It saddens me to inform everyone on RDC of the passing of longtime off-road racing favorite Cal Wells Jr. The father of PPI Racing founder Cal Wells III, Cal was a great guy who loved the sport and rode many times with Bob Gordon in Class 1/Class 2. Cal Jr. always made time to talk...
  16. Marty Fiolka

    Our Thoughts Going Out to Dave Clark Tonight...

    All, I just found out that off-road builder/fabricator/crew chief extraordinaire Dave Clark lost his house and shop in today's Banning fire. In case you don't know, that was also the home/shop of legendary off-road icon Nye Frank. Dave, the off-road nation has you in our thoughts...
  17. Marty Fiolka

    Baja Social Club on Wind Tunnel Tonight!

    Great news. I just received word from my friend Dave Despain that he will be doing a one minute segment on the Baja Social Club project/trailer tonight on his "Wind Tunnel" show on Speed network tonight! His special guest will be another great guy and friend of mine and Baja desert racing --...
  18. Marty Fiolka

    Enjoy the NORRA Mexican 1000 without a race car! New Charity Poker Run....

    A great new idea from the folks at NORRA. Sounds like a fun time to be had by all...and a second charity effort added to the Mexican 1000. NORRA ADDING UNIQUE “CHARITY POKER RUN” TO 2013 GENERAL TIRE NORRA MEXICAN 1000 -- Event to benefit Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame (ORMHOF) and...
  19. Marty Fiolka

    NORRA Donates $10,000 to AOK For GT Mexican 1000 Charity Effort

    This is great news about a very cool program. It's hard not to enjoy giving back to a place that has given us all so much... NORRA And AOK Foundation Announce Charity Effort For Baja Orphanages At 2013 General Tire NORRA Mexican 1000 March 5, 2013: With charity a growing cornerstone to...