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  1. prdracefab

    Off Road Racing looses a Hero - Rusty Stewart

    Prayers for his family , Rusty was awesome, he knew his poop for sure and was always willing to help , godspeed Rusty , you will be missed
  2. prdracefab

    Dan's the man at BAP HM & 1450 winner

    where does it say that a 1450 truck has to be a back yard piece os ** OOH LA LA**** OOH LA LA**** OOH LA LA**** OOH LA LA** owned by a kid , theres a lot of capable trucks and drivers that are not kids , this is the first time this truck has cleaned house so to speak , dan vance is an awsome...
  3. prdracefab

    Trevor i miss you guys :(

    Trevor i miss you guys :(
  4. prdracefab

    **** drive pics ****

    thanks ramsey we all worked hard to get it working as well as it does - and I gotta give dan credit he really drove the wheels off that thing and trevor did an outstanding job co dawging thanks to all the drive volunteers and doug for putting on the best drive race to date
  5. prdracefab

    MDR night race update

    here are some pics of 1448 from the race and what , ended it for us. had lots of fun cant wait to do it again , trevor was hauling !!!
  6. prdracefab

    N.D Coyote Wash Photos

    sweet pic of 1448 I want to buy some pm me please
  7. prdracefab

    MDR night race update

    The race sterted well for us running 3rd or fourth oa with trevor driving his first race ever ,( way to go trevor !!!!! ) untill lap four when lost in the moment he drove into two big ditches one after the other ending our race with a bent and broken spindal and upright . it was tons of fun and...
  8. prdracefab

    MDR night race update

    great driving look way to carry on the family tradition
  9. prdracefab

    MDR night race update

    great vid all the dust and wind sure look wild thanks for posting
  10. prdracefab

    gas tank welding anyone?

    hes right exhaust fumes from your vehicle works great but need only be done for 40 min to an hour just did one thursday on a buggy tank if your local bring it buy pm me for address should only take 5 or ten minuets
  11. prdracefab

    R.i.p.- tcs

    my sympathys to his family I did not know him but if rustys any indication of the type of person he was he must have been a great guy.
  12. prdracefab

    Best year for Ranger build

    depends on wether or not u want I beams or a-arms , and for play or race
  13. prdracefab

    Ok...I hate Rock Crawling...but!

    hats some crazy stuff cant beleive those things hold together cant wait to see the whole movie
  14. prdracefab

    OEM CAD Files

    if you join SEMA you can get oem cad files direct from the manufacturer I will look into it further and find out how specifically - my buddy has done it already not sure what it cost though I see bendotcom has got you coverd
  15. prdracefab

    A-Arm building

    I know im a little late but I would definately do a-arms and move the engine back slightly with the use of a j arm , as for the heat PLAN when building give yourself some space between the panels and the headers , you dont need alot an inch with dyno mat will minimize the heat . both of my...
  16. prdracefab

    Old School (ie 1980s) Race Pics....

    I think tim casey still owns his dads la paz party mix truck 408
  17. prdracefab

    ***MDR KOTD 250 Car 916***

    nicely done ! I tried driving a 9 car once with little success , you were moning!
  18. prdracefab

    what class would you race?

    i like 1450 0r 1500 1450 is afforable anything goes as long as it has steel cab and doors , the new 1500 class still affordable but a pro class along the lines of 7s but without the stock part limitations check them both out
  19. prdracefab

    Start Order DRIVE / FiberwerX 200

    hey tundra nation I posted some build pics of the t-100 in the rdc albums section thought you might be interested