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  1. Live Free or Die

    Attention Class 5/1600 Teams

    I know there are a few of us out there ready to race and I wanted to lobby for you all to consider the SNORE series for the 2014 season. I will be there to compete for a championship and I want to have a good season of competition for everyone. We had 10 cars at RATR and BAP should be the same...
  2. Live Free or Die

    King Racing #555

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone. This was my rookie year as driver and owner of the 555 and what a year it was. I meet so many nice people at SNORE and every race was very professional and well done..Thanks As a rookie 5/1600 racer the season was not without its challenges. From...
  3. Live Free or Die

    "From the Halls of Montezuma"

    Happy Birthday to the true Desert Assassins...Semper Fi Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  4. Live Free or Die

    Bilstein Nitrogen Pressure

    I called Bilstein but only reached an answering machine. Does anyone know the proper nitrogen pressure for the ASN series coilover (mono tube) thanks Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  5. Live Free or Die

    Race Helmet Wanted

    Need a used Medium helmet wired and plumbed sa2000/sa2005 rated plz PM if you got one
  6. Live Free or Die

    Ridgecrest 300--- Class 5/1600

    OK just wanted to see if anyone else is planning on racing, so far I'm racing bueno
  7. Live Free or Die

    CODE Grand Prix- Mike King-Class 5/1600-First Race

    I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped me along in offroad racing. I finally got my 5/1600 done and completed my first race with a respectable third place finish. I've been riding copilot with Victor Herrera for sometime now and to finally switch seats and drive was a...
  8. Live Free or Die

    La Vuelta 200 Class 5-1600

    Class 5-1600 still lives...I love to see those line up, cool pic
  9. Live Free or Die

    Sinlge Line Diagram Class 5-1600

    Does anyone have a single line diagram of a Class 5-1600 PM me thanks
  10. Live Free or Die

    Texas Team 25??!

    Just wanted to commend your team on sending your chase crew backwards on the race course during the 1000 in single track. It was great when we came head to head with them and they took 5 minutes of their sweet time to pull over in a safe spot as not to scratch their paint. I love how the crew...
  11. Live Free or Die

    For a Good Time Call....

    I saw that at the Lake Elsinore MX race, almost died laughing.
  12. Live Free or Die

    R3 Neck Restraint

    OK I found a good deal on ebay for the R3. Only problem is the Shoulder straps are not connected to the back board. I see two slots where it looks like the D rings attach some how. I was hoping some one could look at theirs and/or put up a picture so I can see how these connect. Muchas Gracias
  13. Live Free or Die

    Shock Towers

    I'm curious what the rule of thumb is for shock tower measurement. I'm guessing as far as the arc of movement will allow is the bottom point then how much length is given for the shock? a 1/8" less than full stroke?
  14. Live Free or Die

    VW Exhaust

    I'm looking to replace my busted and rusted TRI-MIL U Bend Stinger exhaust. Who sells or makes the modified stinger/U bend with the spark arrestor?
  15. Live Free or Die

    Congrats to Colton Udall

    He was selected to represent the USA for the 2011 ISDE.
  16. Live Free or Die

    Baja 250-Class 5/1600

    I'm looking to see who is planning on racing. I'm gonna be shooting footage of the class so let me know if your interested and can give a short interview.
  17. Live Free or Die

    Supercross---Los Angeles Predictions

    Big Bikes Villapoto FTW Canard in Second Call me crazy...Chad Reed Third Stewart and Dungey Top 5 Little Bikes, it would be safe to say a PC sweep but I'll go out on a limb. 1 Josh Hansen FTW 2 Kyle Cunningham in second 3 Ken Roczen "the wrecking ball" in third if he doesn't kill...
  18. Live Free or Die

    Supercross---Pheonix Predictions

    Well since its before Pheonix; lets hear the predictions. No. 7 ran the fastest lap at A1 so if he gets a good start in the top 5 he can take it. Dungey and Villa-badass ran identical paces so its the luck of the holeshot. Forget anyone riding KTM's in the big bike class. I like the brass of...
  19. Live Free or Die

    New years eve

    Just wondering where everyone will be for New Years. Have fun and stay safe, I'll be glad to see 2010 go down in history.
  20. Live Free or Die

    VW Type 1 Rear Torsion Stuck

    I was thinking my rear end was just tight but then I jacked up the car and the left side is stuck. won't budge at all. I'm gonna have to pull the spring plate and take a look. Anyone had this issue and a l probable cause?