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  1. prdracefab

    Thanks 1448 crew

    Just wanted to thank everyone for helping pit for my sons first race, Sean from SFI , hung in there with them untill the finish and Dan even after running his own race and to everyone else thanks so much he enjoyed himself immensely. A special thanks to Izzy for the use of the car and showing...
  2. prdracefab

    any pics or video of 1448

    trying to put together a video could use pisc and video of 1448 previously 1458
  3. prdracefab

    Running More Laps In 1450

    Would anyone in MDR 1450 class be interested in running the full race? most of the vehicles work well and would have no problem ,seems like it would be more fun witout alot of added cost. Not trying to change the claas just want to run more laps , its alot of effort to run just 1/2 the race...
  4. prdracefab

    Hello my name is Kurtis

    Hello ,My name is Kurtis I own and operate a small fabrication shop In Santee Ca.( Precision Race Development) , I"ve been into desert racing and fabrication for about 19 years.