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  1. WastedWages

    Lowrance XOG VS H20C

    I am looking at getting new GPS to mount on my motorcycle for Pre-running , trail riding and just playing in the desert. Want something that is compatable with the Baja 540 that I have in my pre-runner and that we use in the race car. Was looking for pros and cons to these two units. Any help...
  2. WastedWages

    Proper etiquette after a unsportsman like Nerf

    Was just wondering what other team do in the event they hit ( nerf ) someone harder than a normal nerf. We have always gone over to the other teams pits after the race and apologize and explane what happened. Some times a gentleman's hand shake goes a long way. This past weekend at BAP there was...
  3. WastedWages

    Safe Travels to 250

    To all those heading out today and tomorrow to the Snore 250 , travel safe , have a clean safe race and see you out there. :)
  4. WastedWages

    Catalina Ski race

    Catalina Ski race is this Saturday July 19.:) Any body going to watch or race ?
  5. WastedWages

    Caliente Results

    Does any body have results from Caliente. 10's and 1600's. Thanks in advance.
  6. WastedWages

    The loss of a fellow off-roader

    Today we lost a fellow off-roader, a outstanding fabricator and a friend. Jim ( Harley) Doyle past away today, after battling cancer for a number of years. For those of you that have been arround off-road racing since back in the early 80's, Harley was one of the main fabricators that worked...
  7. WastedWages

    Whiplash Snow flake results.

    Does any body have the result from the Whiplash race at Snow flake this weekend?
  8. WastedWages

    New member

    Hello my nane is Jon.