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  1. NRT_Chris

    Jeepspeed In NORRA silt vid

  2. NRT_Chris


    Please keep an eye out! Stolen from our yard 2/6/2017 @ 5:30am by an F350 Ford truck! Thank you for any leads!
  3. NRT_Chris

    Nice Titan prerunner needed

    Currie is looking for someone with a nice Titan prerunner that's interested in purchasing one of our new F9 rearends. We are offering a discount on the rearend and a free install in exchange for the use of the truck at the Off-Road Expo in CA. in October. The truck may also be needed for an...
  4. NRT_Chris

    Looking for more pics

    I'm trying to find video footage or different angle photos of this jump...
  5. NRT_Chris

    Currie Open House

    Currie Enterprises opens it’s doors on October 2, 2008 for a pre-Offroad Expo Open House event! Showcased will be the introduction of the “King of the Hammers” movie, the vehicles and drivers that finished 1st and 2nd in the event, a grand tour of our facility, and burgers & sodas. Doors open...
  6. NRT_Chris

    Jeepspeed oops ! (incar)

  7. NRT_Chris


    New to racing just got our car 6 months a go . Its was a Jeep Speed car now we are going to race Class 3..