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  1. Rock56

    Pussification Of Baja

    it was actually 120 in el saldaña we had to put the phones and electronics in the ice chest because it was 120 in the shade
  2. Rock56

    The Chevy C100

    nice build right there!
  3. Rock56

    On Topic 50th SCORE Baja 500

    score doesn't like mexicali any more for i talked to abelardo grijalva last year when they were doing the 2018 SF 250 course and i asked him that why they don't like to race in laguna salada and he said beacuse of the heat and also because it's really repetitive/the sections down here
  4. Rock56

    The Chevy C100

    any updates????
  5. Rock56

    The Chevy C100

    any updates????
  6. Rock56

    2018 SCORE San Felipe 250

    i was there, a mile away from the VCP, the alternate road they where taking was around 1000 ft from the actual race course(most of the first TT and class one took this line) and there was another one around 100 ft really close to the spectators and no they didnt slow down even when seeing people...
  7. Rock56

    2018 SCORE San Felipe 250

    NEVER EVER run from a crime scene, i was involved helping out the team that had the accident last year at the baja 1000, if this happens to you stay in the car, wait for score officials and police department, drivers are covered by the insurance in this type of cases, but if you ran away it will...
  8. Rock56

    On Topic Baja 1000 2017 - post your favorite/hardest section

    we gave eyedrops to the driver that used no visor during that sections because of the fog.
  9. Rock56

    Something new 2.2

    @JGOLDEN send me an private message, I don't want to hijack this thread Sent from my iPhone using race-deZert
  10. Rock56

    Chevy prerunners

    "84" Suburban with a Ton or tow of surgery. Front suspension just upgraded to Ford 4x4 Beams w/ Bilstein CO and Bypass
  11. Rock56

    Weatherman Relay with a Code Red for Mark Luhtala 288

    race in peace! condolences to all the family and loved ones
  12. Rock56

    Baja 1000 race day thread

    Ffirst class 10 at finish line Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  13. Rock56

    On Topic rear end info

    thanks a lot thanks @Mark Newhan it looks pretty solid inside out, it has 5.28 ratio it needs 40 spline axles just need to get the axles lenght in order to get them, and also it looks the it had custom hubs over 3 inches
  14. Rock56

    On Topic rear end info

    do you know a way to contact him?
  15. Rock56

    On Topic rear end info

    i bought this rear end yesterday from a guy on facebook, i´m trying to get as many info as possible to rebuild it, i have seen some pictures and the rear end looks like the one that was on Jim smith ultra wheels TT.. does anyone has any info that can help me in order to get it done faster? any...
  16. Rock56

    norra chevrolet race trucks

    does anyone has pictures of this truck detailed pictures ? thanks
  17. Rock56

    Switch Pros

    i have read about switch pros but i think it won't suit my application since it only has 1 relay that holds up to 30 amps, the fans of my radiator are rated at 19 amps each and the 3 oil coolers are rated at 15 it will be overloaded for my truck
  18. Rock56

    On Topic You hit a spectator, what happens next?

    i saw this accident the ultra 4 vs the garbage truck i was 2 cars behind the garbage truck around km 9 highway to ojos negros the ultra4 driver made a decision trying to pass 3 cars and the garbage truck on a blind corner, the ultra4 got off the highway less than a feet and crossed all...
  19. Rock56

    Herbst Truggy catches fire at NORRA

    the landshark strikesback 2017!
  20. Rock56

    Herbst Truggy catches fire at NORRA

    RIP Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today