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  1. Rock56

    On Topic rear end info

    i bought this rear end yesterday from a guy on facebook, i´m trying to get as many info as possible to rebuild it, i have seen some pictures and the rear end looks like the one that was on Jim smith ultra wheels TT.. does anyone has any info that can help me in order to get it done faster? any...
  2. Rock56

    norra chevrolet race trucks

    does anyone has pictures of this truck detailed pictures ? thanks
  3. Rock56

    Switch Pros

    will this work for off road? On a class 8 for example? SP-8100 8-Switch Panel Power System tempted to buy a pair of these please let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance.
  4. Rock56


    does anyo ne has used agr steering boxes on their trucks? im planning on buying their system for my f150 1994 with 39in tires anybody has any reviews on this product? thanks
  5. Rock56


    hey guys i have a questions on chromoly tube, is it possible that chromoly may look in a lighter color due to a several cleaning with thinner lacker? thanks
  6. Rock56

    rear end ratio

    what would be the optimal rear end ratio in order to run 39 in tires??? thanks
  7. Rock56

    kuster shocks

    who can rebuild kuster shocks other than shockpros?
  8. Rock56


    does anyone know if something happened to shockpros? have been trying to contact them but no luck website is down, no anwser to emails or phone, any help is appreciated
  9. Rock56


    we bought this project last year and decided to take off all the parts from this truck to start another truck, we bought another chromolly chassis here on race dezert from a friend Bryan and we just started the rebuild of all the major components of the truck, here are some pictures of the...
  10. Rock56

    Extra fuel pump

    what would be the best configuration in order to haver an extra fuel pump in a truck? im considering to put a Y after the 1st filter then have 2 fuel pumps then another Y and the other filter.. or should i put 2 separated systems? what do you guys recommend?
  11. Rock56

    Dodge race engines

    Do you know who builds dodge race engines down in the san diego area??? thanks!;)
  12. Rock56

    Ivan Stewart TT

    have you ever wondered why ivan stewart won that many races? overengineering !!.... i think if that truck raced today he could still beat all the new TT
  13. Rock56

    kuster shocks!

    does anyone know who can rebuild for me some coilovers from kuster? \m/ thanks in advance!
  14. Rock56

    k5 blazer chassis cad!

    does anyone that one to help to develop a project has the cad of the chassis of a blazer 1986 K5???? thanks
  15. Rock56

    rooms in san felipe

    anyone that has an extra room or house that it's not going to use! please contact thankyou!
  16. Rock56


    im trying to get in to the suspension dynamics thing do you know any books i could buy to really get in to this????
  17. Rock56


    im doing my final project from metalurgy class and im doing my research on a stub from a mendeola MD4-2D transaxle and my project it's about failure. does anybody knows what is the material for de 930 stub on the mendeola transaxle?? :confused:
  18. Rock56

    some cads

    i looking for some drawings if anyone can help i will apriciate im looking for a 350 engine and a 400 trans chevrolet thank you
  19. Rock56

    sand blast

    does someone knows where can i do a sand blast for a complete car? near calexico
  20. Rock56

    light cad help

    does anybody has a soltek light 9´drawing ¿¿¿