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  1. PatrickG

    Coil Overs

    I have a 02 4runner and my dad is taking his sway aways off his Tundra and I was wondering of they would bolt up. Are they they same with the exception of valving for the bigger truck. Thanks Patrick
  2. PatrickG

    Wheel Shops

    I Have a set of wheels that I need to have the center bore opened up to fit my 4runner. I have two with toyota center bore and two with chevy centers. Could anyone recomend a shop that could fix this for me, preferably in the 909/951 area. Thanks PAtrick
  3. PatrickG

    Toyota power steering

    I was wondering how many people with toyotas have power steering and does it make a difference to have it. I have a 93' 2wd (22re 5spd) steering and I have been thinking about adding it. Would it be worth it to use factory power steering and would it be difficult to add. Thanks Patrick
  4. PatrickG

    DSL Question

    My wife and I are supposed to be moving into our new house in 2 weeks and we are begining to set everything up. We have 2 differerent choices for DSL and we don't have any idea of which one to get. One has a downstream of 386Kbps - 1.5 Mbps and an Upstream of 128Kbps. The other has 1.5-3.0 Mbps...
  5. PatrickG

    Toyota rear end ?'s

    Toyota rear end ?\'s I may be trading a guy for a 2wd rear end out of a 98 Tacoma. I know its wider, but what size is the rear end. What parts are there avaliable and is this a stronger rear end ( I have the 7.5"). I guess any info would be helpfull. Thanks Patrick
  6. PatrickG

    MDR Night race

    I have never been out there for the night race, where is a good spot to watch. Patrick
  7. PatrickG

    9" ?'s

    9\" ?\'s I recently picked up a housing from a 67-77 Bronco to run in my toyota. When I called currie to ask on pricing for parts they asked about the bearing size. I guess mine is a small bearing and they told me mine is no good. What is the difference between the two and does it make that...
  8. PatrickG

    EFI or Carb?

    Im going to probably be rebuilding my engine here shortly and was wondering what would be better. I have a 93' toy with the 22re and I was thinking of removing the efi and running dual sidedrafts. It will still be my daily driver and im not worried about emissions because if i keep the efi im...
  9. PatrickG


    In the near future I plan on building my front bumper. And after the events that took place today at d-day made me think of something. What is the best way to mount the bumper to the front. Is it better to weld it on or make it bolt on? Patrick
  10. PatrickG

    Toyota glass

    Does anyone know where I can find 01 tacoma glass like what was on the white tacoma at the jumping contest. It was an extra cab that came on a trailer and sat in the specator area. Thanks Patrick
  11. PatrickG

    Leaf spring question

    Today my little brother told me to go look at his truck, to which I noticed his leaf had broken before the front hanger. His truck is lowered with a mono leaf, and he said he noticed when it broke because it threw him in the dirt. He's wondering could he flip that leaf around to make a trailing...
  12. PatrickG

    Toyota Gauges

    For the past week I have been trying to install my new gauges in my 93 Toyota. I've gotten them all pretty much hooked up, except for my speedometer. My factory sender is electronic and that is why I got the electronic progamable speedo (auto meter). Now I've called auto meter and they have...
  13. PatrickG

    Fuel Cells

    I will soon be putting a fuel cell in my Toyota. I have a few questions regarding the installation and basic fuel cell questions. I have the 22re 1. Is it difficult to hook a fuel cell up to a fuel injected truck. 2. can I use my stock sender and fuel pump 3. Is there any special tricks needed...
  14. PatrickG

    Thank You Chuck Strange

    I would just like to once again thank Chuck for helping my girlfriend to today at the IP meeting when she got over heated today. Thank you very very much!!!! I would also like to thank Jen for helping out with getting Chuck, giving her water, and an medicine wipe to clean her knee. Also thank...
  15. PatrickG

    Rear end questions

    I was wondering what would be best for my Toyota. I want to beef up the rear end of my truck, I have the 7.5 in it, but I would like to put a locker or posi in it and those parts are super expensive. I was looking at either a Ford 9" or the Toyota 8" out of a V6. I was wondering what the which...
  16. PatrickG

    Toyota Rear Spings

    I was wondering If it was a good idea to remove the factory overload spring (the short thick one one the bottom) to smoothen out my ride from the factory pack. It has two main leaf's and the overload one. I have a 93' 2wd Toyota that I will eventually put a race pack on. I also have a set of...
  17. PatrickG

    Hanging Bedsides

    Right now i'm running front and rear glass on my daily driver and i was going to get rid of the bed core and just build some supports to hang my bedsides from. Is there a general rule of thumb as far as how many supports to use or how many dzus faste\ners to have. Is it practical as my daily...