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  1. bomber

    Death Race 3: Inferno

    Any info on the vehicles used in this film? Looks possibly like 2 TT's, an MRAP type vehicle, and the Fast Five flatbed. Replacement String:
  2. bomber

    There Goes A Race Car - Ivan Stewart's Truck

    Even though the quality is poor, this actually has some awesome footage of his truck in action and cool up close shots of it from back in the day.
  3. bomber

    RideClubSD - HDRA Imperial 250 Pics

    Here's a quick preview of what we have. I'll post some more soon. Also, you can see I've played with the color settings on some just trying to get more vibrance out of the shots. We didn't get very many of the first group since we arrived later in the AM, but feel free to request and I will...
  4. bomber

    Wind Farm Proposal In Borrego & Near Plaster City

    This needs to be stopped, quickly. "The proposal calls for as many as 155 massive wind turbines on almost 13,000 acres near the community of Ocotillo just north of Interstate 8 and just east of the Imperial County line."...
  5. bomber

    Marvel Themed Monster Trucks @ Qualcomm Stadium

    Monster Jam and Marvel Comics are trying to come up with a themed show they could do here at San Diego. Hopefully there's enough interest for a decent crowd to show and more importantly hopefully they can come up with something cool and not too hokey. Take the survey so they put this together...
  6. bomber

    BLM Advisory Board Openings - Nominations Due May 3

    Here's a good chance at helping us keep desert racing, recreating, and other uses of our public lands open.
  7. bomber

    Japan 8.9 Earthquake & Tsunami

    Please pray for all of those in Japan effected by the earthquake and especially for those poor people in the rural areas that were just swept away by the tsunami. That was probably the most dramatic live tv I have ever seen, and I have seen many, many videos of natural disasters. This looked...
  8. bomber

    Three 6 Mafia Song In A Dez/Moto Vid?

    I swear I've heard the music or very very similar music (minus vocals) of the Three 6 Mafia song - Feel It in either an off-road movie or a bike movie like Thrillbillies. Anyone else remember? I almost want to say it was just a trailer to one of the movies. The song came out in Dec. 09 so it...
  9. bomber

    Dodge Raptor Challenger???

    One of my buddies posted this on our site: Kent are you able to divulge any info? :) (I'm sure you're not, but figured I'd ask.) Very cool that there may possibly be a competitor to...
  10. bomber

    Pressure's On For RG

    Wow there's a lot of TT's racing this year. Gonna make for an awesome battle and will make Robby really have to keep a solid pace that will allow him to finish well. Can't wait for the chaos to begin next week...
  11. bomber

    Microsoft to Ban Around 1 Million From XBox Live

    Check this out, pretty crazy. Reminds me of what SCORE did earlier this year haha.
  12. bomber

    When's The Next SoCal Rally Event???

    I have to change out a few things, but I want to get this thing dirty again! :)
  13. bomber

    Eathquakes 8-3-09

    Anybody feel those??? I'm on the 21st floor of a downtown SD building and we were rocking for several minutes straight. Pretty exciting stuff haha. There were 2, both in the Gulf of California. 1) 5.8 mag and 2) 6.9 mag.
  14. bomber

    Can you use the Leatt Moto R with a moto helmet?

    Is it possible and would there be enough protection using a Moto R for dirtbikes as well? I see there are slight differences in the front and back limiting pieces, but they look like they could still work. Haven't found anything saying you can't so I want to see if I can save some money and use...
  15. bomber

    Two New Goodyear Off-Road Tires

    What do you guys think? I like the DuraTrac's, but am interested in how thick the tread is and how tough these tires are. DuraTrac: MT/R w/Kevlar...
  16. bomber

    UM Racing Skid Plate: Anyone Use(d) It?

    My friend wants to race his '05 TRX 450 in the D38 series, but recently put on a Houser LT kit with Elka shocks and now has no skid plate. I have been looking at different plates that are offered for his quad and know that the linkage hangs down low enough where most plates would hit it. The...
  17. bomber


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