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  1. absolutmotoxxx

    Rob Dyrdek with Andy McMillin....

    Who thinks that Andy McMillin should give Rob Dyrdek (Fantasy Factory) a ride of a life time in a Trophy Truck? LOL :D Lets see how much hate I get for creating this thread.:rolleyes:
  2. absolutmotoxxx

    Whatever happened to........

    this badass toyota......built and owned by Brian Sims out of san diego, ..... i spent countless nights just chilling at the shop while he was building it, and then he sold it.... :( Whos the new owner......:p
  3. absolutmotoxxx

    Hello, My name is Garrett

    whats going on name is garret and i am in san diego.... i have always browsed these forums for information and found it quite knowledgeable and answered a lot of my questions. I am a member of also and go out to the desert with them. recently went to the 1000...