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  1. woundedyak

    For all the 2 stroke Junkies

    Maybe a rebirth of the 2 stroke??? I would dump my 450 in a second for a CR250 version.
  2. woundedyak

    Monster Energy!

    Looks like they made the right decision going with KBM so far. Podium as a primary sponsor and secondary sponsor in the top two series of Nascar in the same weekend. Will it generate enough exsposer to bump sales and draw in new money? To be continued I guess.
  3. woundedyak

    A day made of glass???

    What do you guy's think? I'll take Albert's side on this one! It has become appallingly clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity. I hope that someday, our humanity might yet surpass our technology. -Albert Einstein
  4. woundedyak

    RIP Andy Irons!

    God speed!
  5. woundedyak


    Wow Everyone must really be losing interest! No RG this weekend and the 14 on pole.....Who cares?
  6. woundedyak

    2010 Prelude to the Dream

    Got my tickets! Anyone else going? New format this year and RG is running. Should be fun if it doesn't get rained out this year!
  7. woundedyak

    PS3: need for speed shift!

    Anyone play it? Playing online is my new crack! If enough people play on here. We can set up a RDC series!
  8. woundedyak


    Why didn't you cruise the rest of the award show with the pink Snuggy?
  9. woundedyak

    2010 crf450r

    I want to up grade the supermoto to something a little more street friendly. So I was wondering if anyone had any seat time on the new CRF? I really want to know opinions on the new FI. I'm sure it has a few bugs being the first year. My next question is, I'm I going to need to carry a laptop...
  10. woundedyak

    Did Allmendinger blow his ride or just a DUI?

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Sprint Cup driver AJ Allmendinger was charged with drunken driving by Mooresville, N.C., police Thursday morning. Allmendinger The Richard Petty Motorsports driver, according to the police report, was driving a 2007 Lexus when he was pulled over at 1:27 a.m. He was...
  11. woundedyak

    Screen name = image.

    Thought this might be fun. Put your screen name into a image finder. For example: Google images. Then post the first picture that comes up in the results. I bet there will be some funny one's knowing some of the knuckle heads on here.
  12. woundedyak

    How much junk do you carry....

    In your Pockets? My wife keeps telling me to "put a belt on." "I did Honey!" "Then pull your frickin pants up." "They are." "Then take half the crap out of your pockets you don't need, because you look like an Idiot with your pants saggin'." I tell her "this is my normal CRAP that I carry. So I...
  13. woundedyak

    Pastrana...This could be bad!

    With Pastrana's all or nothing outlook. This could be bad! YouTube - Travis Pastrana's World Record Jump - Announcement Teaser
  14. woundedyak

    Photoshop Help!

    I tried posting this over on DezertRangers,but it turned into "I'm an idiot for not knowing Photoshop." So I will give it a try here. I suck at photoshop as bad as Rosie O'donnell does at losing weight! For the person who wants to help me out, I will by you a RDC shirt, or donate $20.00 bucks...
  15. woundedyak

    Texas 09

    Wow!!!!!! People losing interest this early in the season? I can see why,RG limping around the pack of the during practice. The cool thing is,looks like the COT is starting to do what it was built for. Alot of struggling teams qualed up front this week. It's good to see DR get a pole. He's om...
  16. woundedyak

    Thing of The Day!

    I thought I would start a thread were people can share their knowledge of things that are important to them. For instants, Car of the day or band of the day. Just something cool that you can give some history and info on that most people wouldn't know. I would like to keep it as a educational...
  17. woundedyak

    RDC fish

    Since there is a thread about dogs, I thought I would start one on fish. I know I can't be the only one who is caught up in this hobby. I've been collecting all types of Chiclids for years now and have several tanks around the house to the point were it's getting out of hand (according to the...
  18. woundedyak

    Credit Card Crooks!

    I've had a card with citi bank for 8yrs with a 5k limit at 7%. And I'm proud to say I have never been late or missed a payment. I just found out that they jacked my rate up to 14% with no noticed. Since they did that it maxed the card out and they had the balls to hit with over the limit fees...
  19. woundedyak

    Snow Snow Snow!

    I'm I the only one who got slammed by this?
  20. woundedyak

    Another work time killer

    I made it to level 9 before the music drove me nuts! Slow is fast in this game.