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  1. tkr

    Need Some Emergency California Family Law Advice!

    An acquaintance in California is being abused by her husband. It has recently escalated and she is fear of great bodily harm. Her youngest child is still a minor at 16yo. Would she be breaking any laws by leaving the state with her child? According to the research I have been able to do...
  2. tkr

    RG's Co-Dog

    Anyone know who RG's codriver was at the b1k? And assuming he makes it to Dakar with all the legal trouble, who will be in the right seat?? While on the topic how did Andy do against Ivan?
  3. tkr

    Web Designer

    Can anyone recommend a web site designer? Preferably in the San Gabriel/Pasadena area?
  4. tkr

    RG and Twitter

    Anyone know if RG will be sending updates from the Dakar through Twitter like they did at the 1000?
  5. tkr

    SEMA Show

    I'm going to the SEMA show for the first time next week. So far I know Camburg's truck will be there and Robby Gordon will have his Dakar press announcement. Does anyone know if there will be any other interesting dezert racing related booths to check out??
  6. tkr

    Front a-arm options

    Other than the bling factor, are there signifcant advantages to "center mounted" arms opposed to the rear pivot being swept back as pictured. If so, would they apply to a sandrail/light prerunner instead of a race car? Thanks for your help!
  7. tkr

    Anyone currenty or previously worked for 4 Wheel Parts?

    I am considering a position with them and would like to know your experiences. Please PM me. Thanks
  8. tkr

    American Hot Rod

    Anyone watch "American Hot Rod" last week? Looks like they're building a trophy truck or pre-runner?? They showed couple of the guys going for a ride with Ryan Arciero in a pre-runner. Anyone know anything more about what they are building?
  9. tkr

    Racing on Goodyear Tires

    I noticed in the Kartek Grand Re-opening thread that Marking and Taylor are racing on Goodyear tires. Marking has Goodyear Wrangler GS-A, I can't tell what Taylor is using. I know that the general opinion on Goodyear is not great after the Pro-Truck deal. What tires were the Pro-Trucks using...
  10. tkr

    M.O.R.E. Lies....

    I'd like to share my experience at this weekends M.O.R.E. Kartek 300. We have been racing in MDR's class 1300 with our current car for the past three years. During that time we have earned one first place, one second place, and numorous DNF's. A couple of weeks ago we decided to give the...
  11. tkr

    Class 1300 invitation...

    We've been thinking about it for over a year, and on May 29th we're finally gonna give M.O.R.E a try. For the Kartek 300 they're puting up $1000 to first and $500 to second if there are 10 entries. There are four on the list right now, and I know of two others that are planning on racing also...
  12. tkr

    Centerline wheel question

    Does anyone know what alloy Centerline buggy wheels are made of? We're welding some strengthening rings in ours and our welder wants to know. I e-mailed Centerline but got no response. Thanks for your help?
  13. tkr

    Laughlin fast lap?

    Anyone know who posted the fastest lap?
  14. tkr

    RDC Gear Girl

    Anyone else impressed? Who is she?
  15. tkr

    Engine Management Systems....Haltech vs Link

    I'm puting together a Subaru EJ20 2.0L Turbo for a sandrail, and I'm trying to decide what EMS to run. The two I'm indecided on are the Haltek E6X and the Link Systems unit. Anyone have any experience with either of these or know of any pros and cons? Thanks for the help.
  16. tkr

    Any Jeep guys here? I need help with axles...

    A customer of mine recently purchased an '85 CJ7 with a lot of modifications. We were checking out an axle leak and found a grooved left rear axle. The problem is I don't know where to find a new one. As far as I can tell (I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to differentials), its an AMC 20 Wide...
  17. tkr

    Moving Ranger Radiator

    Have you guys found that the stock water pump on a 4.0L is enough to get the job done after the radiator is moved to the back? Anyone found it necessary to put an inline electric pump in the system? Thanks for the help!
  18. tkr

    MDR class 1400 and 1450

    What are the basic rules of these classes? Do they need to be "street legal"? Or just have all the safety equipment? Thanks for your help!
  19. tkr

    Chrome shop?

    Can anyone recommend a chrome plating shop in the LA area? Thanks!
  20. tkr

    Porter Truggy?

    Anyone know who this belongs to, or where it is now? If I remember right, Robby Gordon was supposed to drive it the second half of the 2002 Parker 400, but it didn' t make it that far.