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  1. 5racer

    must see helmet paint

    this is by fare the coolest paint job iv seen on a helmet, {i hope i did this right **.
  2. 5racer

    mother nature pissed last night

    after 47 years of living in hemet/san jacinto the wind last night was by far the worst iv seen .watching the wires touch and blow transformers was spectacular.and to think people ***** about dirt bikes and buggys makeing dust ,yaaaaaaaaaaaa right
  3. 5racer

    wow have things changed from the simple days to the present

    August 31, 2007 School Daze: Then and Now [In email this morning from one of my tireless correspondents, this lovely comparison of the way we live now versus the "bad old days." You decide.] 1. Scenario: Jack goes quail hunting before school, pulls into school parking lot with shotgun...
  4. 5racer

    good ole boys

    this is worth a peek this guy jumps through the window of a arca car cause he is pissed about getting wrecked
  5. 5racer

    camber change buggy rear IRS

    iv been told that on a IRS buggy rear arm you want 3-5 deg camber change though its cycle .now on my 5 car i run straight back arms 90 deg to pivot bar i did build in about 2 deg total camber threw the cycle and have had no probs in the way it handles .can someone chime in on this as to what the...
  6. 5racer

    bend over America

    makes you want to say hmmmmmmmm as if we didn't know already .i just wish that they would give out Vaseline to every tank full so it wouldn't hurt so bad . inter view with the Saudi king With oil prices reaching record highs, what is your sense of today's supply and demand? Answer...
  7. 5racer

    sad news

    i was informed by jose from stuff transmissions today that mike the owner has passed away .he died in his sleep from what they think was a fatel heart attack.they will still be open for buisness and do the best they can tell things get handeled . god speed mike you will be missed .
  8. 5racer

    score roll cage rules

    whats the deal with score and the new cage rules any updates or info.
  9. 5racer

    score roll cage rule changes

    does anyone have any info on the roll cage changes ???
  10. 5racer

    lake elsinore

    anyone in here live in lake elsinore .
  11. 5racer


    looking for a address or place of employment for a guy named travis bailey he lives somewhere in lake elsinore he has a 4 seat buggy with a beam front end and type 4 motor car is new .please help if you can" thanks "
  12. 5racer


    hi all .my name is steve griffith i live in san jacinto calif been around raceing all my life .started raceing bikes then built a 5 car i raced for three years .now race the jet raceing class 5 car for my second year .im 43 i own a welding repair and fab shop now in our 16th single with...
  13. 5racer

    another way to take your money

    has anyone read scores front page on truck and trailers entering mexico wonder if we charge the same for them ??????.
  14. 5racer

    class 5 unlimited

    How many race or have friends that own or drive in class 5 unlimited ?????.
  15. 5racer

    helmet padding

    does anyone know of someone that can refit helmets besides the mfg.