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    HRT Pro kart web site is up!

    Check it out at Let us know what you think.:cool:
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    Dave Mason Jr wins TT 25 Kart Race!

    Congratulations to Dave Mason Jr who just won the Terrible Town 25 Kart race in his HRT Pro Kart! :D Details still coming in...... more information to follow soon. :cool:
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    Ride along with the Flying Banana Jr!

    M4SX Round 3 at Perris Auto Speedway Enjoy :D
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    HRT Pro Kart Primm video from #556 Brandon Arthur

    Sunday 4/5/09 Modified Kart race from the inaugural Lucas Oil Off Road Series race at Primm, NV. This is both footage from the grand stands and the on board camera in one video. Brandon Arthur is shown driving the yellow HRT Pro Kart, #556, in his first weekend ever racing a modified kart...
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    New 450 Pro Kart by HRT Motorsports

    Look for these new modified class 450 karts to debut April 4th & 5th at the inaugural Lucas Oil race in Primm Valley, NV. Top drivers Brandon Arthur and Dave Mason Jr will be behind the wheel of two brand new modified trucks. Both drivers are feeling confident and are looking forward to many...
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    Whats Up!

    Our name is HRT Motorsports, hello all!