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  1. ErikShallbetter

    Big Thanks to #1685!

    I just wanted to say thank you to the 1685 team on behalf of Telluride Gold Racing #1080. We came into RM144 with two flats on the car and only one more spare to offer. (We had 5 flats in all during the race) The 1685 chase crew was there and we offered to buy a tire and wheel from them...
  2. ErikShallbetter

    Ignoring a forum?

    I know it is possible to ignore a single user through your CP, but is it possible to ignore an entire subforum? I like to log on and jump right to "New Posts" to see what is happening across the board, but would like to ignore the "Purple Forum" I have to be in the right mood to be in there...
  3. ErikShallbetter

    Baja 500 sighting

    I thought I was pretty up on my Prerunner/Chase SUV scene but I guess not. It appears to have Geiser front glass on it, rear has to be custom. I only slowed down enough to snap one quick pic from the chase truck. Does anyone have specs/pictures of this thing?
  4. ErikShallbetter

    Thanks Dirtsports!

    I've been out of the RDC loop for a bit as I have been swamped with work so if this is a repost I apologize. I just wanted to give a thanks to Dirtsports and all involved for the MINT 400 DVD that cam ein this months issue. Awesome work! Erik
  5. ErikShallbetter

    Lemons Baja, Poor Mans LOORRS!

    Our local motocross track started what they lovingly refer to as BeaterCross racing. It is the same principal basically as Lemons, but set on a motocross track (obviously tamed down some) It is the untimate poor mans short course racing. They ran races every couple week in the summer. Check...
  6. ErikShallbetter

    V8 Pro-lite

    I am working on updating my current geometry and chassis for the new V8 pro-lite class. I hope to finish up design soon and start building for next season. Thought I would share some of the beginning stages.
  7. ErikShallbetter

    Ultra Wheels Bronco

    This is kind of a long shot, but figured I would ask anyway. Probably about 15 or so years ago Off-Road magazine did a write up on a Ford Bronco that had some affiliation with Ultra Wheels. Does anyone know the truck I am thinking of or have pictures??? Thanks!
  8. ErikShallbetter

    Bender Stand

    Just whipped up a new Bender stand. It mounts my Protools 105 bender, holds all my dies, has a bottom pan for hole saws, spray lube, and all the die pins. It also has a vice for holding my JMR hole saw notcher. I powdercoated it safety red and mounted it on some locking casters.
  9. ErikShallbetter


    I think one of my favorite features of the site is the skunk works section. I am dying to know if there is anything new planned for the skunkz section any time soon?
  10. ErikShallbetter

    Whats the difference?

    Just a quick question. What is the difference between the ranger and the ranger edge? Thanks.
  11. ErikShallbetter

    Bronco Fiberglass

    Is this the biggest glass you can get for 92-96 Broncos/F150's I searched and it was one of the only one piece hoods I found for this body style. Does anyone know of any companies that make anything bigger and that would allow...
  12. ErikShallbetter


    This is one of my favorite features on the forum, and with all the really nice stuff being built these days it seems like their are plenty of candidates. I'm sure it is strictly a time issue, but I think it would be cool if there was something new every month or so. Keep up the great work...
  13. ErikShallbetter

    E350 Diesel

    I have a 91 E350 diesel with the 7.3 It has always started pretty easy if you let the glow plugs do their thing. Then one day out of the blue it got hard to start. When you turn the key the "wait to start" light no longer comes on. It sounds like there is a solanoid clicking under the dog...
  14. ErikShallbetter

    Bronco ?

    What is the largest size spare the stock swing out carrier can handle?
  15. ErikShallbetter

    Probst Motorsports/Uweld Chassis pro-lite

    Here are a couple of testing pics of the first completed truck built on the Uweld Pro-lite chassis kit. I wanted to congratulate the Probst and George Schultz on an awesome build, the truck turned out great. I can't wait to see it this weekend at the First WSORR race in Owatonna...
  16. ErikShallbetter

    Ford 9" 40 spline

    I am looking to put 40 spline semi floating/flanged axles in a ford nine inch housing. I spoke with one company and was told that I should run 35 spline axles due to the bearing on the 40 spline not being a tapered bearing, and that the 40 spline set-up was mainly for drag cars and won't hold...
  17. ErikShallbetter

    Crandon 24-25, first race questions

    Hello, I will be racing my first race this weekend at crandon. Rick (sickrick) has been nice enough to let me race his formula 4x4 bronco #41 saturday. However, being it will be my first race, I was curious as to whether or not there are any "common courtesies" or any other advice or...
  18. ErikShallbetter

    Hi from Minnesota

    To all, I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Erik Shallbetter. Im 24 and a 5th year Automotive Engineering Student at Minnesota State. I don't remember how I got into desert racing, especially as I am in minnesota, but have been obsessed ever since I can remember. I...