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  1. nordictom

    Ford Upper control arms

    I am looking for a little help............... 1998 Ford 4x4 front upper control arms, Does anyone have the dimensions of the OEM (stock) arm? Maybe a PDF drawing? Thanks in advance
  2. nordictom

    Welder / Fabricator Position

    I would put this in the Classifieds, but I thought this would get it out faster............... NT
  3. nordictom

    Need Help?

    Not sure if this is the correct location for this post, Is anyone on the boards familiar with Green Yard Auto recycling in Lakeside? If someone is, or if you live in the area, maybe you can help me out. I sent them Paypal money for a few parts, now the phone just rings, my emails return...
  4. nordictom

    Hello, My name is Tom

    Currently I'm a co-driver in a 7S truck. I usally access this site for refernce material.