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    Stolen truggy in lakeside - ???

    This guy has info, he;s a cop, but no report was ever taken I guess. If anybody has any info on whose truggy it was, post here and ill relay the info, or call the number.
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    DTA racing - Superstition 250 Race Report

    Can be found here Along with pics and some other stuff. :)
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    Trash @ V2R ..................

    Found this in another forum, figured it should go here as well...
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    I need an engine block chromed

    For cheap, I have a little project I am doing. Anybody know a place in TJ that will do this? Or cheap on this side of the border? Thanks
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    Score Cup Tc4 Officially Cancelled

    Yep it was true... Dear SCORE Las Vegas Cup Entrant, We regret to announce that the Las Vegas race has been cancelled. Please read the attached press release. We greatly regret any inconvenience this may create. Sal Fish President/CEO SCORE International
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    Shortcourse Tires? Options?

    I know its early, but we are looking for options for the score cup, we used some BFG CORR tires last year and had 2 flats, awesome tread but I think they failed on the street section... So what are the options for 35/17? I saw the krawler bfg on their site but wondering if anybody has used them...
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    DTA Racing Plaster City *Testing Video*

    Enjoy....Edited by me, yes i know i editor is out of town and I decided to give it a try. Also all of that is only top of 2nd gear...3rd wasnt pulling so the transmission guy said to keep it out of 3rd til we get it back to the shop to drop it... Let me know what you guys think.
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    Thanks to Danzio!

    For the spare alternator! Made it so we could finish, thought we were done with out limited spares. :eek: These guys are top notch, ill have the new one at the shop when you guys are down next!
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    SMD for sale?

    Just curious to why the new TT is for sale already?
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    Is CORR ever gonna let TT and class 1s run again?

    Simple question..will it ever happen again or are they planning it anytime soon...? Thanks
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    Hey ive already done this once but i still cant post, so here it is. From carlsbad, race the baja shop truggy in class 1. Racing MDR superstition series this year.
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    whats up

    from sd, im into desert racing and riding bikes, mainly ocotillo and gordons