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  1. drtdevil93

    Funeral Services

    My co-worker just told me that Andrew Therrien's Memorial service will be held at the Harvest church in Riverside on Thursday at 1PM. Address is 6115 Arlington Ave, Riverside, Ca 92504. I'm going. Maybe we could fill this thread with info on funeral services for people who want to attend. I...
  2. drtdevil93

    Vehicle Code as it applies to OHV/ 15 mph rule

    As someone who reads and fact checks very large spec books, I thought I might be able to help with something: Vehicle Code Section 38310 Prima Facie Speed Limit: "The prima facie speed limit within 50 feet of any campground, campsite, or concentration of people or animals shall be 15 miles...
  3. drtdevil93

    New Ranger Leaf Spring kit

    I asked a couple days ago where and if I could post this and never heard back, so i will assume its alright. Baja Motorsports is proud to announce its new ranger race kit. I've been talking about this for a while, and AJ was talking to me about building this kit, and it is now available...
  4. drtdevil93

    b&b german auto in el monte, ca

    i'm trying to get ahold of this place, i believe george is the guys name. their old number (626) 443-5691 is disconnected. erik
  5. drtdevil93

    stolen at the off-road impact show

    in the deaver booth at the off-road impact show jeff got a bunch of posters autograped to him from leduc, walker, ivan, etc.. and some sunglasses, left them in a closed box and the next morning when he came in they were all gone. i know they're probably a lost cause, it just sucks because it...
  6. drtdevil93

    place for political whackos to post

    here you go guys.... have fun! erik
  7. drtdevil93

    fahrenheit 9/11

    so whos seen it? what are your thoughts? erik
  8. drtdevil93

    how sprint stole christmas!!

    Sprint PCS has ruined my christmas. they made an accounting mistake, and shut my phone off. ok, mistake, no big deal. i called yesterday to explain the problem, the guy says he is sorry, i am right, and to hold for a minute, the phone will be reconnected, and i can talk to someone about getting...
  9. drtdevil93

    A birth at Deaver

    im happy to announce the birth of Ryan Patrick Crosby. 8lbs. 11ozs, 21". This is Jeff and his wife's 2nd (and most likely last) child. erik
  10. drtdevil93

    new deaver bolt on toyota spring

    i have gotten numerous emails about this spring, so i thought id post pictures of an install i did today. it is a 3leaf pack that you bolt in place of the overload leaf, using your stock main and second leaf. this is for the 87-95 2wd toyotas. gives about 2.5-3" of lift. 11" of wheel travel...
  11. drtdevil93

    who wants a deaver s10 long travel spring?

    we should have our new s10 springs in in the next couple days, and we need 2 test trucks. one with 3" front lift, and one with 6" front lift so we can confirm the springs are correct. we will install it for free, you just need to pay for the spring and shackle, which will also be discounted. pm...
  12. drtdevil93

    another good finish for robby !!

    saw robby got a 5th place finish. looks like hes broken the bad luck. erik
  13. drtdevil93

    Fullerton Police!!!

    ok, for the second time this week while just driving along slowly and legally, i was almost hit by a police car. the first time he decided to take a sharp turn on a red light in front of me (i had just gotten the green) and i had to stop in the middle of the intersection. 5 hours later after...
  14. drtdevil93

    chassis dyno

    i need to find a good place to dyno tune (chassis dyno) my toyota. it has a built 22re using a programmable fuel/ignition computer. i am in the OC area. the place i had been planning on going (RTG) went out of business aparently. thanks. erik
  15. drtdevil93

    toyota alternator setup

    im looking for some more juice in the charging system, and was wondering what other toyota guys were doing to beef it up. the only thing i can think of is to get the high-output one from downey. its 110 amps vs. 60stock. just wondering if anyone had a better idea. different wiring wouldnt be a...
  16. drtdevil93

    deaver spring co 110 years old

    deaver spring co. has now been in business for 110 years! hope i dont bore anyone, but id like to give a brief history of, as far as i know, the oldest still-running business in OC. the shop opened as a blacksmith shop in 1892. they did general blacksmithing and spring work (for trophy horse...
  17. drtdevil93

    toyota temperature

    my trucks been running at around 210-220 F under racing conditions, is this too hot? its a toyota 22re mildly built. i have a heavy duty radiator, 16" electric fan (2800 cfm i think), a high output water pump. i added an oil cooler, but it didnt seem to change the temp much at all. am i...
  18. drtdevil93

    deaver springs

    its about time! our new toyota long travel leaf springs are now in stock. approx. 62" long, reversed front eye, progressive pack. up to 20" of wheel travel. (714) 542-3703 erik
  19. drtdevil93

    62" springs

    62\" springs ok, ive been getting a lot of questions about 62" toyota springs, and weve been unsure about where we want to go with it. so instead of returning all the emails, ill just answer it all here. we are making a new design. the new design will feature reverse eyes in front to help...
  20. drtdevil93

    deaver f150 pack

    deaver just got our first set of 150 prerunner springs in. they will be available for sale very soon. up to 18" of wheel travel! wahoo. erik