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  1. calds650

    SF 250 Updates

    Class 25 results ?
  2. calds650

    Official Monster Energy MINI X-raid Dakar Thread

    Looks like Quinn Cody is in 3rd place after todays stage
  3. calds650

    2011 Vegas to Reno

    how did you do?
  4. calds650

    class 24 teams moving to 25?

    Why pay more to race the same race
  5. calds650

    Quad prep for Endurance questions?

    Skid plates and a desert seat
  6. calds650


    $100000.00 to USA racer if he takes overall. But only one big name ride signs up Mike Alessi. must be nice to have big factory contract and pass up $100,000.00
  7. calds650

    Round 3 National Hare & Hound ~ El Centro!

    last year racer meeting cold and wet
  8. calds650

    3 fractured ribs, collapsed lung, broken scapula....race video

    Looking at it you jump in to a small wash and your front wheel hit the base of the opposite bank. The bank was at an off angle and twisted your front wheel min 3:00 too 3:01
  9. calds650

    Cody and Street

    looks like Street won todays stage
  10. calds650

    Dakar 2011 Stage 8 - Antofagasta - Copiapo

    He is through WP6 now
  11. calds650

    RG News??

    Dakar site says blown engine for RG
  12. calds650

    Cody and Street

    Street 1st through WP! makeing his move spoke too soon at WP down to 13th
  13. calds650

    Cody and Street

    he disappeared after WP4 but showed up at the end
  14. calds650

    "Trophy Quads" / "Hybrids" compilation inside

    stick a 650 in it no more power problem\m/
  15. calds650

    NEW 2011 Polaris RZR XP 900 - NEW UTV-

    new air box looks like it should keep the dust out better and very easy to add a snorkel for the mudders
  16. calds650


    only in a drage race on smoth service vs old RZR s now the RZR Xp ?
  17. calds650

    Desert Racing In SOCAL

    All racing is now north of the EH Hwy. They are trying to make the section between the EH and I8 a solar farm but have Cort and money problems it is now a big ? if it will be built.
  18. calds650

    chest protectors/roost guards

    I like my easy on and off and work with neck protection
  19. calds650

    Desert Racing In SOCAL

    Sorry about that I was looking at youth class section
  20. calds650

    Desert Racing In SOCAL

    Sorry to say AMA rules will not let you race your WR426 till you turn 16 only 85cc 2 stroke or 150cc 4 stroke for 12 -15 year olds :(