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  1. Mike_McCluskey

    Shocks and/or Suspension to Improve Ride on 2009 HD3500

    Does anyone have any recommendations on shocks or suspension upgrades that will help the ride on my 2009 HD3500 4x4 LB? The ride on the 91fwy just about shakes the kidneys right out.
  2. Mike_McCluskey

    MORE 250 Lost & Found

    Lost a 15" beadlock buggy wheel/tire on Friday prerun. It's a BTR/Ultra style with a faded blue anodized beadlock ring. Had a BFG 33x10.5x15 tire that has seen better days. The #5 was written with a sharpie near the valve stem. reply thru RDC or email Thanks!
  3. Mike_McCluskey

    4 Seater Registration

    Anyone ever just taken the registration from a junk Baja and used it as registration for a prerunner? Getting ready to register my Desert Dynamics and would prefer not to have to deal with the DMV with the special construction registration. Chassis did not have a VIN number from Desert Dynamics...
  4. Mike_McCluskey

    What if Santa Wrote Back?

    What if Santa Wrote Back!!! In the SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS, Keep your sense of humor for the Holidays, and enjoy this raunchy tale! *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ deer santa: I wud like a kool toy space ranjur fer Xmas. Iv ben a gud boy all yeer. Yer Frend, BiLLy Dear...
  5. Mike_McCluskey

    Ecotec Headers

    Can the 2.2 and 2.4 motors use the same headers? Who's headers are people using? Saw the CBM header and wondered how that would work compared to the Turnkey and others out there. Race applications, not play.
  6. Mike_McCluskey

    ATV Lake Skimming

    Anyone seen this yet?
  7. Mike_McCluskey

    Foundation for Metal Building

    Anyone have any recomandations? Looking at a 25' x 50' x 14' located in Norco. Probably happen late December or January. Depends on plans passing. Any rough estimates? Thanks, Mike
  8. Mike_McCluskey


    Nice of them to link here instead of the SCORE site for results! Robby wins off-road race at Primm: #7-Robby Gordon competed in the fourth of five SCORE International Off-Road Racing Series races, the Primm 300 in Nevada on Saturday, Sept 12th and after finishing 2nd, was declared the winner...
  9. Mike_McCluskey

    2010 Ford COT for Nationwide Series

    Not a huge Ford fan but it looks better than the cookie cutter CUP cars. Maybe it will convince GM to enter the Camaro and Dodge to enter the Charger.
  10. Mike_McCluskey

    Dale JR in the Dezert some day?

    From Dale Earnhardt Jr. Reality to sponsor racing team: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Realty has teamed up with Glacier Bear Racing for entire 2008 year as Primary Sponsor on race truck. 17 year old WKA Multi-Champion Jessica Brannam and NASCAR Car Engineer Tiffany Daniels have been approved...
  11. Mike_McCluskey

    XBox 360 Wheel/Pedals?

    What is everyone using these days for steering wheels. Finally buying a 360 for the kids and want a really good Wheel/Pedal set for Dirt. None of the PS2 wheels seem to last very long, is this common with the 360 as well? All opinions/suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  12. Mike_McCluskey

    Just in time for Christmas!! TT or Class 1 you choose!

    I already asked the wife and she said no so I thought I'd be a good sport and pass along this once in a lifetime deal..,1 Happy Holidays! (I keep getting this ominous...
  13. Mike_McCluskey

    "Closed Dunes May Reopen"

    \"Closed Dunes May Reopen\" This was in Thursdays edition of the Press Enterprise. The article about the lawsuit Page mentioned comes out in Fridays paper I believe. Closed dunes may reopen FINDING: A federal agency says off-roading in Imperial County won't hurt threatened species...
  14. Mike_McCluskey

    Laughlin Video?

    Does anybody plan to sell or have available a complete video of the TT, Class1, Class 10/12 races from this past laughlin race? I've seen lots of short clips but there hasn't been a video out since Brian from BlazersRacing was around, I don't think.. If anyone has anything, prefer without music...
  15. Mike_McCluskey

    More Sierra Club BS

    Got this article from Once again the Sierra Club is getting involved where they shouldn't. Does anybody know of an email address at Ford where we could send in our support for Ford and let them know that not everybody thinks the Sierra Club is thinking about our best interests? I'm a...
  16. Mike_McCluskey

    Gordon/Harvick To Run BAJA 1000

    Saw the update on the NASCAR show on Fox last night. No real details it just scrolled along the bottom where they post updates and results.
  17. Mike_McCluskey

    Found on EBAY

    Thought maybe somebody on here might be interested in this.
  18. Mike_McCluskey


    Just in case you don't visit the Save The Desert section, you must do this!!!
  19. Mike_McCluskey

    New Chevy 6.0 & 8.1

    I need some opinions on these motors and how they are performing in the HD2500 either excab or crewcab. I'm about this close (I---I) to getting a new truck and can't decide which motor to go with. I'm towing a 20' flatbed car hauler and a 24' piece of driftwood some call a boat. The retro-raft...
  20. Mike_McCluskey

    New Skunk Workz

    Since I haven't seen any comments on the new Skunk Workz car I'll start them! First question is why? Why a twin engine setup? To me thats just another problem waiting to happen. Second, what is that large gold anodized looking box? Is it like a v-drive thing or a transfer case? Third, when will...