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  1. renagade

    Best Off-Road Race Livery

  2. renagade

    4WD Class 1?

    @Proformance Motorsport has something along those lines that you can buy as a kit out of Australia
  3. renagade

    A Trophy Truck / Stadium Truck hybrid for the short desert courses?

    Short course / desert truck hybrid would be a fairly accurate description of some of the top trucks we have down here in New Zealand. But they have come about as a natural evolution of the type of racing we have down here.
  4. renagade

    Cameron Steele in a bronco for 1000?

    Honda Pilot TT Mk2 In fact its still kicking around down here in NZ, could have slapped some ford badges and shipped it back over
  5. renagade

    Doubt about LOORRS and LucasOilTV

    I really can't see manufactures showing any great interest anymore. The classes are so massively far removed from anything even resembling what they produce. Generic body shells on everything and old carbed small blocks. Pro lite should be a massive class mid/small trucks are exploding in...
  6. renagade

    Hero or Zero....???

    Gotta pull off a few successful bank robberies for the down payment for one of them though....
  7. renagade

    Burleson class 1

    The proformance rear diff will make this thing awesome. Heaps of travel. guy that builds them has a awd full independent mid engined trophy truck thing in OZ.
  8. renagade

    What is Robby building?

    Spy photo of Robbys new 4x4 for a new TT legends 66" class
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    Pro lite should be the truck version of super buggy, lightweight 4 cylinder mini style trucks, eco tech crate motors or something. At the moment prolite comes across like weird mini pro2 or scrap the whole thing and bring back class 7S for all the new production "mid" size trucks. Ranger...
  10. renagade

    The FORD BRONCO is back! (Officially)

    The new bronco is going to be based off the global Ranger / Everest platform. So body on frame but F150 platform is way bigger so thinking this stubby F150 raptor is something else ?
  11. renagade

    Ryan Arciero Interview - New Off-Road Podcast

    This could have been you.
  12. renagade

    Ryan Arciero Interview - New Off-Road Podcast

    This was a good listen. but i have to know... What v8 supercar team were you taking with ?
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    Post your old race photos!

    I think that could be the Ex Rod Millen Toyota. If it is, he had it restored to full 90s PPI Spec back in New Zealand Now
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    T.T.'s at KING OF THE HAMMERS. (HUGE $$$$$$ for them too).

    The rendering i saw of it before they released the real truck had a monster logo on the black roof.
  15. renagade

    2019 King Of The Hammers Race Week Live Show

    At this point i think Robby would have more luck racing the Gordini uncorked. or just a SST truck
  16. renagade

    ★ Dakar 2019 - Stage 10: Pisco > Lima

    The Daf turbo IIs were monsters. over 1200hp 140mph. before they pulled out of the 88 race they were sitting 3rd overall beating even the pug 405s that were basically group B cars
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    RMRs' new car

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    RMRs' new car

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    RMRs' new car