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    Jenkins Brothers and TORC

    I know you guys used to peek in here occasionally. Could you drop me a PM when you get a chance? thanks Mike Notary
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    Nintendo DS

    Are there any good off-road race games for the DS? The kids each have one.. so if they link, even better. Man I can get some stuff done when they are on them....
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    Trailer coating

    The paint is starting to chalk up on the Featherlite. Using harsh cleaners to remove the diesel stain hasn't helped the paint. What are some options for "coating"? Clearcoat, wax... teflon coatings.....
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    Thanks to Bill McCool and Mike at X-tec

    Bill and Mike helped out getting my car running. thanks Nothing like making me put in a extra day of torture.
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    Fabrication work on a 1600 chassis

    Looking to get the frontend changed. Shock towers, arm mounts.... Torsion housing ends redone. Will be in the Vegas/Phoenix area at the end of Oct. Fraley, Fodrill...??????????
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    Race rig storage in Dallas area

    Looking for a place to keep the Van and trailer for the Texas race. Sept 25 to Oct 18. thanks
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    Chenowth Magnum body work

    Could use some photos of magnum side panels/hood/rear panels and any other detail shots of the body work on a magnum. thanks
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    Number of Viewers?

    6 looking at Short Course. 87 looking at Desert.
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    Looking for a top shop. Rear cage work for a 1600 car in San Diego.

    I have a couple of bent bars I would like to replace. Need it started and finished between the 23rd and 27th of this month. It doesn't HAVE to be done now... but would be nice to get a head start on next year.
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    Axles for a 9in stock truck

    Are the Superior brand axles good enough for a no HP stock truck used off-road, with a spool? Is a stock Ford axle stronger? I mean... instant spagetti or..??
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    Ford 9 inch axle bearing and seal tolerences

    Looking for minimum and maximum diameters for bearing and seal surfaces. Axles measure out 1.563 inches on the bearing/retainer land and 1.8755 on the seal land. The seal surface needs some clean-up. How much under can it go? It already had a "relocating" seal on it.
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    9 inch wheel bearing and seal R&R

    Gear lube on the tire is bad.... right? Pulled the axle out and heard of two different methods for removing the pressed on "spacer" from the axle. Drilling then chisel. Pressing. What is the correct way to do this. Thanks. ps, did a search and don't want a manual... Want to...
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    00 Ford Ranger V6, Speedo no work, ABS light on

    Asking for a buddy. The speedo will bounce. ABS light is on. Typical stuff? Easy fix?
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    Battery chargers in the $75 range

    Looked at Sears and NAPA. Something with a starter option. Auto stop when charged.
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    Driver or empty trailer heading southeast

    I have a VW bug in Phoenix that needs to go to Florida. Can be dropped part way...Texas, North Carlonia, Luisiana.... It has a stock engine and 5 speed. 70mph is 3100rpm. It can be driven or trailered. Fuel money is available... Interior has Porsche seats but is a little rough, no headliner.
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    Titanium welding

    What are typical grades ot Ti? What are the basics for welding dissimiliar grades?
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    Roof tie down for a car..

    Looking for some clean, light, simple attach methods for holding down a roof on small single seater. Doesn't have to be hinged. I had been using two 1in wide strips of al. wrapped around the front tube and rubber ties in the back. Tech wants something more metallic.
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    9 in. big bearing 1/2in hole axle retainer plate

    Looking for just one. Not having any luck finding one. Stock one is fine. Any sources?
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    Empty trailer heading East from Abilene Tx.

    Anyone want to pick up a roller and help get it a little closer to its new home. It is a 67 bug with no engine....
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    Who , besides SAW, is turning torsion bars?

    SAW is saying don't bother us. Anyone else?